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How to get a Supply UAV in Warzone

Teamwork is essential in squad play in Warzone, but it’s surprising how few players are willing to work together. That said, if you want the hottest season 3 rewards, you’ll need to work as a unit. Here’s how to get a Supply UAV in Warzone.

What is a Supply UAV in Warzone?

Supply UAVs are part of a new incentive to get squads to drop together and are available in Resurgence and Battle Royale. Keep in mind that Supply UAVs are not available in Ranked Play

Unlike a regular UAV that highlights enemies, the Supply UAV highlights nearby legendary or personal loot caches. Gear wins games in Warzone, and Supply UAVs offer tremendous advantages, particularly early in a match. 

How to get a Supply UAV in Resurgence and Warzone

Season 3 has added a new incentive for squads to land together, as players now earn extra cash and XP for doing so. If you play in Squads or Trios, you can earn a Supply UAV when you land close to your team.

Image: Activision

The developers have been quite specific about this on the Call of Duty blog. The image above is an excellent representation of how the system works. You won’t be able to see those circles in-game, but a squad that lands close together, like the group at the top, will earn the best rewards.

You’ll also earn additional XP if you mark the landing zone on the map before you hit the ground.

How to get a Supply UAV in Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you land with your squadmates, look for the ‘Supply UAV Imminent’ warning in the top right corner of the screen (pictured above). I’ve blown it up for the image, but it is much smaller in-game and easy to miss during the chaos at the start of a match.

Sup Boxes
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you see this message, several pings on the mini-map (pictured above) will reveal nearby rewards. In my experience, these are very hard to secure on Resurgence as the map is so small, but go for them if your squad is nearby. Unfortunately, these pings don’t last long, and the map can be flooded with other markers, making it hard to follow.

Ultimately, it’s sometimes best to leave the Supply UAV rewards if it means your team stays alive.

How can I make my team land with me in Warzone or Resurgence?

If you’re playing with randoms, there’s still a good chance they won’t land with you, but you can do some things to change that. I typically wait a few moments in the plane to see if my teammates have any ideas. If not, I always mark an objective on the map, like a Supply Run, as it’s an obvious target and objective.  

If my team doesn’t mark somewhere first, I try to tag a location a little further away so the drop zone isn’t too chaotic. Naturally, this doesn’t always work, but pinging an attractive location is the best thing you can do as a solo operator. 

Teammates are unpredictable; if you see them drop out of the plane, it’s usually best to follow them. For a chance at the Supply UAV, you must land close to at least one teammate in Trios and two in Quads. You’ll get those rewards more often if you’re a flexible squadmate and follow your group.

It’s great to see so many additions to shake up the Battle Royale formula. Supply UAVs may be a game-changer in squad play, just like Bunker Busters to dislodge campers.

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