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How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed

Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed is a very interesting material to collect, with more uses in the Disney game than any other item. A few pieces wash up on the shore in Dazzle Beach and alongside rivers in the simulation game each day, but you can collect even more in the right places.

Playing Dreamlight Valley, or any social simulation games like Animal Crossing, often involves a range of tasks, from crafting items, preparing food, and making friends. The remarkable thing about seaweed in Dreamlight Valley is that it is used in all of these – and more. The seaweed location is somewhat hidden though, so read on to find out where to gather the valuable ingredient.

Where to find seaweed in Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned above, Dreamlight Valley seaweed can be found lining your valley’s beaches and rivers every day. However, this is incredibly limited, and with so many uses for the item you could run out easily. Thankfully, there is another way to get seaweed, and it keeps respawning all day long: fishing.

The difficulty is knowing that, for the best chance of catching seaweed, you should be fishing outside of fishing spots. With that simple piece of knowledge, you should never be short of seaweed again, thanks to an approximately 50% chance of obtaining it from these catches.

Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed recipes

Uses for Dreamlight Valley seaweed

But why do you need so much of it? Not only can you nibble on the healthy snack yourself for a small burst of energy or sell it for emergency coins, there are a few even more rewarding uses for Dreamlight Valley seaweed, as we’ve listed below.

Meal ingredient

If you do choose to eat seaweed as it comes, it could be handy in a real stamina emergency, but it does only refill 25 energy points so it’s not its most worthwhile use. Instead, use it as an ingredient in some of the many delicious Dreamlight Valley recipes, and you’ll have a more nutritious meal on your plate.

Use seaweed to make:

  • Fugu sushi
  • Kappa Maki
  • Maki
  • Sake Maki
  • Tekka Maki

While the sushi dishes above all require seaweed specifically, the ingredient can also be used as a generic vegetable in any veggie dish.You can then go on to eat these meals yourself so an energy boost, sell them at Goofy’s stalls, gift them to a friend, or serve them in Remy’s restaurant. You are also required to rustle up some of these meals during quests, such as Ursula’s Magic Moments, in which you’ll need to cook up some sushi for Mother Gothel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed uses: sea turtle

Critter food

Dreamlight Valley animals, or critters, roam around the valley every day. Aside from being cute, they’re actually very useful as feeding them generates items, with their favourite foods rewarding you with some of the most valuable items in the game. Where seaweed comes into this is as the latter, as the favourite food of Dazzle Beach’s Sea Turtles. Don’t bother trying to give seaweed to any other critters though, they’ll just turn their nose up at it.

Crafting ingredient

Finally, and this is the really interesting bit, seaweed is the only food ingredient that is also used in crafting. The first time you really need a significant amount of seaweed is during Goofy’s Mysterious Wreck quest, in which you’ll also need to dig up Dreamlight Valley clay. Goofy will ask you to gather rope, crafted from fiber, which is in turn made from seaweed.

Some crafting recipes that require seaweed:

  • Fiber
  • Rope
  • Beach Torches (Fiber)
  • Basket (Fiber)
  • Burlap Bags (Fiber)
  • Festive Pennants (Fiber)
  • Green Bamboo Fence (Fiber)
  • Hay Bales (Fiber)
  • Sack (Fiber)
  • Stone Well (Fiber)
  • Nautical-Themed Couch (Rope)
  • Compass Ottoman (Rope)

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That’s everything you need to know about obtaining seaweed in the Disney farming sim and its many uses. You might also want to know how to get Dream Shards, which you need as you try and overcome The Forgetting, and we have a handy Dreamlight Valley guide with some other little-known facts.

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