How to Get Ghost of Tsushima’s Useful Samurai Armor Early in the Game

Ghost of Tsushima has a bunch of different outfits for Jin to choose from that’ll make him look quite stylish while also improving his skills. Some of them are harder to find than others, but there’s one set of armor that’s found very early on in the game and will set you up nicely for a few encounters until you find your playstyle and what works best for you. That armor is simply named the Samurai Armor, and it’s got everything you need to withstand a few hits and pull off some flashy moves of your own. Best of all, it’s found quite early in the game without much effort on the player’s part.

Before setting out on your quest for the Samurai Clan armor, you’ll want to know what it does first to see if it’s worth upgrading and hanging onto for a while. This set of armor has three different stat boosts: It reduces damage you take, increases your health, and makes it so that taking damage grants extra Resolve. Those three stats go up with each upgrade and will be altered in the order they’re listed previously. By the time it’s fully upgraded, it’ll give you “Major” increases to damage reduction, “Massive” increases to health, and will grant you 30% Resolve when you’re hit.

If that sounds like something you’d be into, you’re in luck since you can get it almost right away. By progressing normally through the story, you’ll come to a point in Act 1 where the game basically turns you loose to pursue whatever you’re into doing. One of those options is pursuing a side quest centered around a character by the name of Lady Masako.

Her quest is divided up into numerous parts, but all you need to do to get this armor is work through the first chapter of her story. She’ll ask you to head into the Golden Temple area which you may have already found if you’ve been exploring and speak to an armorer there. The goal is to retrieve an armor set belonging to Lady Masako’s family, and once you talk to the NPC, you’ll get the set immediately.

Ghost of Tsushima Samurai Armor
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The image above shows the armor, but yours won’t look like that right away. Armors change appearances as you upgrade them, so once you fully upgrade this one, you’ll have the armor above with whatever color dye you choose. The katana’s sheath is a separate item as well, so just choose which one you think looks best with your outfit.

It’s yours to keep after that, and you can upgrade it as you’d like if you find it works for you. You’ll find armors like this from completing certain quests – keep an eye on the rewards for the quests before embarking on them to see if it’s worth it – so while you will eventually swap this one out for something better, it’ll set you up perfectly for early-game skirmishes while you learn the mechanics.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available on the PlayStation 4.

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