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How to get Kingly Treasure in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, the new Kingly Treasures have entered courtesy of Season 11. I’ll be going over everything you need to know about the new set of regal goodies so you don’t need to dive into five separate YouTube videos.

What are Kingly Treasures in Sea of Thieves?

Kingly Treasures have replaced all emergent loot in the Sea of Thieves in Season 11.

Emergent loot was the label given to any loot that was found outside of voyages and world events. Shipwreck loot and rewards from Message in a Bottle voyages are some examples. They used to give out semi-random loot belonging to any of the companies, the same sorts that could be grabbed from their voyages, with Shipwrecks hosting Shipwreck variants that sold for the same value as their regular counterparts.

Image: Rare

Due to the loot being worse than the rewards from voyages, hardly anyone went out of their way to complete these emergent voyages or dive into Shipwrecks. So they revamped the reward system by giving Shipwrecks and Message in a Bottle voyages their own loot tables.

Kingly Treasures are exceedingly valuable, and pilfering Shipwrecks and grabbing Messages in Bottles has never been so worthwhile.

How to get all Kingly Treasures in Sea of Thieves

Below are all the new Kingly Treasure types that arrived in Season 11. It is worth noting that not all of them are obtained through emergent means, and not all of them are technically “Kingly,” but that is the label that the community has applied to them all. Rare has offered no labels for the technically-not-kingly treasures, and they look pretty damn similar to the real Kingly Treasures, so they have been pushed into the same category.

King’s Chest

This Kingly Treasure is super valuable. King’s Chests, and its more valuable Ashen variant, can only be found in two ways.

King's Chest Sea Of Thieves
Image: Rare Thief

King’s Chests and Ashen King’s Chests may spawn in Shipwrecks across the seas. If you see a circling of birds over the water, use your Spyglass to check whether there are floating barrels or not. If there aren’t, then they’re circling a sunken Shipwreck. Head on over to grab all the loot inside!

They also will be the loot from X-on-the-map voyages claimed from Messages in Bottles. A Message in a Bottle may be found around any shoreline from an island – just not outposts or such important locations.

King’s Bounty Skull

The King’s Bounty Skull is also incredibly valuable, and can only be found in one way, by defeating Skeleton Captains from a Skeleton Bounty voyage from a Message in a Bottle.

King Bounty Skull Sea Of Thieves
Image: Rare

Upon finding a Message in a Bottle, the quest may be to take down Skeleton Captains, like in a normal Order of Souls bounty voyage. Each Skeleton Captain will drop a King’s Bounty Skull. If you are defeating Ashen Skeleton Captains, then they’ll drop the Ashen King’s Bounty Skull.

It is said that defeating emergent Skeleton Captains, like Ashen Guardians or randomly spawning Skeleton Captains will also net you King’s Bounty Skulls, but in my experience, they’ve only every dropped Corrupted Bounty Skulls, which I’ll go over later.

Baron and Admiral Chests

Baron and Admiral Chests in Sea of Thieves, including their Ashen variants, are not Kingly Treasures. They do look exactly like less prestigious renditions of the King’s Chest, though.

They can only be found from the Gold Hoarder’s Emissary Quests. Upon reaching Grade 5 Emissary for the Gold Hoarders, speak to a Gold Hoarder representative to claim four new treasure maps. The maps hosting two treasures will produce Admiral Chests, and the maps hosting three treasures will produce Baron Chests.

Speak to the Gold Hoarder’s representative in the Devil’s Roar to dig up Ashen variants for even more reputation and money.

If your Emissary is lost or taken down, you will lose your quests – so be careful!

Corrupted Skull

Corrupted Skulls are not Kingly Treasures, but like the Baron and Admiral Chests, look like a less valuable King’s Bounty Skull.

These can be found from any emergent Skeleton Captain you see roaming around, as well as rewards from certain World Events. I found three when I completed an Order of Souls Raid Voyage on a Sunken Treasury.

Crown of Hope and Crown of Flame

The Crown of Hope is an awesome-looking treasure that most would assume is Kingly, but it isn’t. These can be found during Riddle Voyages from Messages in Bottles.

Crown Of Hope Sea Of Thieves
Image: Rare Thief

Upon picking up a Message in a Bottle, you may find a Riddle voyage. Following it to completion will reward you with a Treasure Chest full of Crowns of Hope.

If the Riddle voyage was an Ashen Riddle Voyage, you’ll find the Ashen counterpart, named Crown of Flame.

Merchant Alliance Kingly Treasures

Unfortunately, not much is published or spoken about the not-so-Kingly Treasures that relate to the Merchant Alliance, and I can’t find any to save my life. Thankfully, I have scrounged some information from discourses surrounding them.

Cargo voyages from a Message in a Bottle will reward you with new Merchant Alliance loot, such as a Crate of Fine Rum or a crate full of jewels. You must deliver these goods to their destinations like normal to cash in the loot.

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Best way to get Messages in a Bottle in Sea of Thieves

Considering that Messages in a Bottle account for many of these treasures in Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to know of the best way to get them.

As they spawn on shores, you’ll need to set a course that travels through as many islands with as much shore as possible. Big islands are less desirable here. It seems like they have a huge coast, but medium islands that consist of many smaller islands actually have more shorelines and are easier to scout.

Use your Spyglass to spot Messages in Bottles as you circle as many smaller islands as possible. Naturally, it would be wise to scout out larger islands too, although they take more time.

Islands like Snake Island are prime targets, as Snake Island is almost 100% shore.

How to complete the Treasures Fit for a King Commendation

The Treasures Fit for a King Commendation requires you to sell over 1,000 Kingly Treasures to fully complete it, which is a lot.

Kingly Commendation Sea Of Thieves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The only two Kingly Treasures that will count are the King’s Chest and the King’s Bounty Skull. All other loot is not counted toward this commendation. This means that only two of the four voyages found from Messages in Bottles will lead you to loot that works toward this.

The best way to complete this commendation is by completing every single X-on-the-map voyage and Skeleton Bounty voyage that you find from Messages in Bottles, and also by raiding every Shipwreck you see. It’s a slow process, but it’ll be highly rewarding in gold and reputation.

Now that you’re familiar with everything to do with Kingly Treasures in the Sea of Thieves, why don’t you find out how to get the famed Frog Lantern?

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