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How to get the 100 Super Jump timing right in Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG you can earn yourself an Attack Scarf from Chow if you get the 100 Super Jump timing right, but how can you accomplish this?

Getting a dozen or so Super Jumps is a feat in itself, so you can imagine how difficult 100 is. We鈥檒l give you some tips on how to easily achieve 100 Super Jumps.

Super Mario RPG: How to do 100 Super Jumps

The combat in Super Mario RPG isn鈥檛 just about picking the right moves, it鈥檚 also about timing your hits right. It鈥檚 sort of a rhythm game in that regard, so getting 100 Super Jumps in a row can be painfully difficult. Here are some tips on how to get the 100 Super Jump timing right in Super Mario RPG.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Jump on Spikeys

Using the Spikeys as practice, and hopefully to perfect it, is the best enemy to achieve the 100 Super Jumps. This is because they鈥檙e resistant to Mario鈥檚 jumps, meaning they鈥檙e animation stays still, which makes focusing on the jumps easier.

They鈥檙e also tiny enough so you can see Mario jump down a lot better than if it were a large enemy. There are tons of Spikeys hanging around, especially in Bandit鈥檚 Way near the Mushroom Kingdom.

Use wired controllers

Latency is a gamer鈥檚 worst enemy, and this can actually affect your combat timing in Super Mario RPG. You don鈥檛 want that little bit of lag to ruin your Super Jump combo, so make sure not to use a wireless Pro Controller.

Although you may find it best to use the Switch in handheld mode with the joy cons attached, you鈥檒l get the best latency by using a wired controller. This can really help with the accuracy of the button inputs, even if you don鈥檛 realize it.

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How To Get The 100 Super Jumps Timing Right In Mario Rpg Head
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Hit at the right moment

There鈥檚 a specific moment that will keep your Super Jumps going. This is when you see Mario鈥檚 body touch the enemy鈥檚 body. Don鈥檛 look anywhere else on the screen besides the enemy鈥檚 body. As soon as Mario鈥檚 feet get in contact with that Spikey鈥檚 head, hit the button.

And with the sound effects helping you, you can keep to the beat of the rhythm. It may even help to wear headphones. Unfortunately, if you鈥檙e someone who doesn鈥檛 have much rhythm, you may have trouble with this.

Use the Flower Ring

Although you can easily reload an old save once you run out of FP, it can get quite annoying with how much FP it costs to Super Jump. Luckily, if you have the Flower Ring, you can make the Super Jump process much cheaper.

Equipping the Flower Ring will cut your FP costs in half. You can purchase this Flower Ring in Seaside Town for 50 Frog Coins.

How To Get The 100 Super Jumps Timing Right In Mario Rpg Save
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Reload a close save file

Since Super Jumps cost seven FP, you鈥檒l quickly start to run out as you鈥檙e practicing the timing. I recommend saving at the save block in Bandit鈥檚 Way with full FP, then once you go around bouncing on Spikeys and run out of FP, don鈥檛 just waste items by refilling your FP.

Reload your previous save file and do it again. This allows you to keep your resources and quickly get back to practicing as soon as you load your last save.

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Super Mario RPG is available on the聽Nintendo Switch.

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