How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage x Heroes Bonus

Fire Emblem Engage and Heroes go hand in hand in a small collab event that grants players of both games rewards. If you’re just playing Fire Emblem Engage and don’t have any interest in spending a lot of time playing a gacha game, you’ll be glad to know getting the Fire Emblem Engage x Fire Emblem Heroes bonus doesn’t take much.

You’ll get some worthwhile rewards for taking the time to do this, so let’s get right into how to get the bonus.

How to Get the Heroes Bonus for Fire Emblem Engage

First, you need to dive into Fire Emblem Heroes and connect your My Nintendo account if you haven’t done so already (most FEH players have long done this).

Connecting your Nintendo account can be done the first time you launch the game, or you can head into the Menu and tap Account Management to link it.

What is the Fire Emblem Heroes Bonus?

If you own Fire Emblem Engage on the same account, you’ll be able to get 5 Orbs in the My Nintendo menu in Fire Emblem Heroes. The bonus will be labeled as “Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code +5 Orbs”.

When you redeem this reward, you’ll be granted a 16-digit code that you need to use on your Nintendo Switch.

Fire Emblem Engage Bonus

Taking the 16-digit code you received in Fire Emblem Heroes, hop onto your Nintendo Switch and head into the eShop. You can redeem the code in the Enter Code tab in the main eShop menu.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll have to hop into Fire Emblem Engage and head to the Somniel to get your items. They’ll be granted as soon as you enter the location, and they’re a decent list of weapons and Emblem Rings. You will receive:

  • Folkvangr
  • Fensalir
  • Noatun
  • Alfonse S
  • Sharena S
  • Anna S

And with that, you’re all done! Getting the Fire Emblem Engage x Heroes bonus is quick and easy. If you found this guide helpful, consider reading our other Fire Emblem Engage guides.

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