How to Get the Waterfall Partition in FFXIV

The Waterfall Partition is a new furnishing element for you house in Final Fantasy XIV, which is available in Patch 6.3. Note that only players who’ve reached Armorcraft Level 90 can craft Waterfall Partition, otherwise you’ll have to hit the market board.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get the Waterfall Partition in FFXIV, including its crafting recipe. Note that players can have no more than 20 instances of Waterfall Partition installed withing a single home.

FFXIV: How to Get the Waterfall Partition

Before players can craft this furnishing item they need to have at least Craftsmanship 2805 besides having your to Armorer Level 90. Once you have reached the required level, you will need the following materials for crafting:

  • 4 Chondrite Ingot.
  • 4 Integral Lumber.
  • 4 Prismstone.
  • 4 Ambrosial Water.
  • 32 Ice Crystal.
  • 32 Earth Crystal.

Below you will find information on how to craft or find these materials in the game.

Chondrite Ingot Crafting Recipe

This crafting recipe requires players to have Blacksmith Level 88:

  • 5 Chondrite.
  • 8 Fire Crystal.
  • 1 Dymithrite Ore.

Integral Lumber Crafting Recipe

This crafting recipe has a recommended Craftsmanship 2686:

  • 5 Integral Log.
  • 8 Wind Crystal.

Prismstone Location

This material cannot be crafted, but you can find it at the following coordinates:

  • Norvrandt: Il Mheg (Level 80: Saint Fathric’s Temple).
  • Node: x31 . y19

Ambrosial Water Location

This material also cannot be crafted, but it can be found at:

  • Poieten Oikos (Level 90: Elpis).
  • Node: x15 . y16

Ice Crystal Locations

These crystals can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Ice Sprite:
    • Eastern La Noscea: x36 . y28
    • Coerthas Western Highlands: x22 . y25
  • Lutin:
    • Coerthas Western Highlands: x15 . y20

Ice Crystals can also be mined at the following coordinates:

  • Level 60: Coerthas Western Highlands.
  • Node: x20 . y26

Earth Crystal Locations

Earth crystals can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Earth Sprite:
    • Eastern Thanalan: x10.5 . y19
    • The Dravanian Forelands: x8 . y32.5
    • The Fringes: x21 . y13

They can also be mined at the following coordinates:

  • Empty Heart: Lower La Noscea (Level 50: Rocky Outcrop).
  • Node: x21.5 . y35

That’s all you need to know on how to get Waterfall Partition in FFXIV. For more Final Fantasy XIV tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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