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How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV

The Final Fantasy 16 crossover allows Warriors of Light to earn several unique rewards. The most sought-after are Clive’s outfit and his trusty companion. Here’s how to get the Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV.

How to get the Final Fantasy 16 rewards in FFXIV

You can earn the Torgal Mount and Clive outfit as part of the Final Fantasy 16 crossover event. The event quest is called A Land On Fire and runs until May 8, 2024. The task has multiple steps, including a tough boss battle and can be started in Ul’dah by the Steps of Nald.

If you’re lost or unsure how to tackle the event, let me show you what to do step by step. 

Visit the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Teleport to the Steps of Nald Aether Crystal and speak to the Neophyte Adventurer. This NPC is standing on the street just outside, and you can accept the ‘A Land on Fire’ quest from them. 

Scroll through the dialogue, and you’ll be asked a multiple-choice question. The correct answer is “The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan?” although it doesn’t really matter what you say. 

Head to the Burning Wall

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The fastest way to reach the Burning Wall is to Teleport to Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan. Hop on your mount and head to the quest marker to the East. It’s a fair distance away, and you’ll likely see multiple other players heading to the event. 

When you reach your destination, talk to the Wandering Minstrel to continue the quest. 

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It’s a little hard to see with the crowds, but you must interact with the glowing patch on the ground (pictured above).

Search for the Unusual!

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You control a telescope for this part of the quest and must find something ‘unusual.’ Look as far down as you can and zoom in when you can see Clive (pictured above). Execute the Survey (left click) when you find Clive to trigger a cutscene. 

When the cutscene concludes, you’ll be automatically transported to Scholar’s Walk in Ul’dah. Walk a few steps forward to the glowing destination marker. You can chat with Clive to continue the quest.

A Pain to Recall

Speak to Clive to start the second part of the quest. There are a couple of dialogue choices that don’t affect the story, so pick whatever you think best suits the situation.

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Clive will now follow you around, so walk up the nearby staircase to the next quest giver (pictured above). Speak with Clive once again, then leave the building and head up the hill to the next glowing destination. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You must interact with a couple of locations here. One is just to the right of the Aetherite Crystal, and the other is just behind it over the bridge (pictured above). There are several story sequences here where Clive tries to recall his past. Once you’ve read all the dialogue, speak to Clive again to complete the mission.

The Path Infernal

The fastest way to the next objective is to head south to the nearby Aetherite Crystal and Teleport to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater in Old Gridania. Head east, then north through the tunnel to find Clive. You’ll likely run into a group of players at the end of the tunnel, but you want to walk a little further up the road to continue the quest. 

Speak with Clive, and you’ll be transported into a boss encounter.

Defeat Ifrit

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Ifrit battle is surprisingly in-depth for an event quest and must be defeated solo. We have a guide for the fight if you get stuck, but the most essential takeaway is to use the special abilities you’re given for the battle.

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Use the Dodge ability when prompted, and the Rising Flames attack when it’s off cooldown. Your Dodge briefly becomes a counterattack after you activate it, so be sure to use it for extra damage. 

After the battle, Speak with Clive once again, and you’ll be prompted to return to the Burning Wall. Teleport to Camp Drybone, the closest location, and head east.

Follow Torgal

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Speak with the Wandering Minstrel, and you’ll be prompted to follow Torgal to the quest’s end. It’s only a short walk, and the enemies should ignore you as you’re at a much higher level.

When you reach the destination, a final story sequence will play as you send Clive and Torgal home.

At the end of the quest, you’ll receive a Metian Attire Coffer, Torgal Whistle, and Torgal Pup Minion. The Attire Coffer contains Clive’s entire outfit. Honestly, the new glamor is worth it, although the cape looks terrible on my Miqo’te as his tail clips through it.

Are there any more rewards for completing the crossover event?

How to get Torgal Mount and Clive outfit in FFXIV
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are a couple more items up for grabs for completing the event. Head to the Gold Saucer and speak with the attendant in the picture above. If you choose ‘Prize Exchange IV,’ you can purchase several new musical scores with MGP. You can also buy the Clive card from the Triple Triad vendor.

If I miss the event, can I still get the Final Fantasy 16 rewards?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the Final Fantasy 16 items will return or in what form, as there’s no set pattern. For example, the Final Fantasy 15 items have returned several times as the crossover event has repeated. 

On the other hand, the Final Fantasy 13 items were only available in a single crossover event. If you missed it, the only way to get the items now is through the cash shop. I imagine the Final Fantasy 16 event will return eventually, but it may take a year or longer. 

This crossover event gives players the chance to earn many special rewards without using the cash shop, and it is well worth completing, even if you haven’t played Final Fantasy 16.

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