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How to play the piano in FF7 Rebirth Demo

While playing the FF7 Rebirth Demo, you can try your hand at the piano, but how can you play one? This is just the introduction of a fun minigame present in the full release.

Despite finding only one song for it during the Demo, Tifa’s Theme, you can still try out this surprisingly challenging minigame. Let me show you how to play the piano for yourself.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo: Where to find the piano

Although you only get around two hours of playtime in this Demo, there are still some fun things to experiment with. The first minigame you get introduced to is the piano one, one of many you’ll be able to try out in the full release. How you can play the piano in the FF7 Rebirth Demo is by entering the Lockhart Residence when you first explore Nibelheim.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the start of the Demo, you’ll be able to roam around the town of Nibelheim before heading to the inn. You should check out Tifa’s home, which will have a quest marker on it. Interacting with the front door will ask you whether or not you’d like to head inside, so say yes.

Walk upstairs, and head to the door at the end of the hall. This is Tifa’s room, and despite her being shocked that you went inside without her being there, this is where you’ll find the piano. Right on top of her piano is a sheet of music, which is Tifa’s Theme. Collect this, then interact with the piano to start the minigame.

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How to play the piano

Once you sit down, you’ll get a brief tutorial explaining how playing the piano works, but if you’re still a little confused we’re here to help. It can be hard enough getting the notes right on the right stick, but also using the left stick can be challenging.

How To Play The Piano In Ff7 Rebirth Demo Tifas Theme
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Each direction of the right stick will play a different note, and the left stick will play a chord. You can even change the chord type and octave, but let’s forget about that for now. On-time with the metronome that’ll play in the background, you want to push in the correct direction once the note drifts to the edge of the circle.

It’ll start in the middle, and work its way to the edge, which is when you’ll hit it. When you’re ready, press the Touch Pad on your controller to select Tifa’s Theme. You’ll be mostly keeping an eye on the right circle, but don’t ignore the left circle either.

I’d recommend trying out Tifa’s Theme a couple of times before you fully feel comfortable with the piano’s gameplay. As someone who loves rhythm games, I still found this a struggle to play. But if you concentrate hard enough, you shouldn’t miss too many notes.

How to get more sheet music for Piano in FF7 Rebirth Demo

Unfortunately, with the version of the Demo we have right now, the only sheet music you can find is Tifa’s Theme. But once we get the full release of FF7 Rebirth, you should be able to find sheet music throughout the open world, or perhaps you can purchase it from select vendors.

This information could change by the time the Demo updates, since we’ll be getting more Demo content on February 21. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a Demo having an update with more playable content, so we could see more piano sheet music appear with the next update.

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