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How to stop and reduce storms in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth

The Scorched Earth map for Ark Survival Ascended comes with many new dangers and trials, some of which are the different storms that will plague the entire map. But for some players, the rate of these storms is too much to bear.

How to stop storms with console commands in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth

The best way to stop a storm, no matter what kind, in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth, is by using console commands. It’ll stop the storm immediately, so if you quickly type the command as it’s starting, you won’t have to suffer through it.

It may be wise to keep this page up when playing the game so you can quickly copy and paste as needed, if you’re on PC, that is.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To access the console, press the appropriate buttons:

Platform Console Instructions
PC Press the “Tilde” key (should be next to the “1” button)
Xbox Press LB, RB, X, and Y simultaneously
PlayStation Press L1, R1, Square, and Triangle simultaneously

With the console command active, you must type in the appropriate command for the storm you’re facing. Type it exactly as you see it. This will be slower for console players, but unfortunately, it’s all you can do.

Storm Command
Electrical Storm CE Stop_ElectricalStorm
Sandstorm CE Stop_Sandstorm
Super Heat CE Stop_SuperHeat

If you want to give it a go, you can summon one of the storms to practice stopping them. Simply replace the “Stop” with “Start.” For copy and pasting convenience, I’ll list them below anyway.

Storm Command
Electrical Storm CE Start_ElectricalStorm
Sandstorm CE Start_Sandstorm
Super Heat CE Start_SuperHeat

With these commands, no storm in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth will halt you in your tracks anymore.

Can you reduce storm frequency in Ark Survival Ascended Scorching Earth?

If you don’t want to use console commands to stop the storms any time you wish and want a more natural playthrough, you may want to reduce the frequency of storms through settings.

Ark Survival Ascended allows you a lot of freedom over statistics of the world you’re in, so many will assume you can modify the freak weather, too.

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the settings to reduce storm frequency. There are no settings to help with this either, meaning you’ll be stuck with the storms as they are.

All you can do is use console commands to get rid of the storms when they pop up. For a more natural progression, you could set a rule that only allows you to cancel a storm if it occurred within five or 10 minutes of the previous one, and only if you want to.

Freak weather makes your job difficult in Ark Survival Ascended, especially when you need electricity for the turrets defending your base.

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