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How to summon the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4 PTR

Helltide events have changed quite a bit in Diablo 4 PTR, featuring an increase in challenge. It also includes a new boss called the Blood Maiden, which can only be summoned after completing a few activities.

If you’re brave enough to take on the Blood Maiden, you’ll want to read this guide. Here’s how to summon the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4 PTR.

Diablo 4: How to summon the Blood Maiden

The Blood Maiden is a boss exclusive to Helltides events and can be accessed through the new Accursed Rituals locations. To summon the Blood Maiden, players must acquire three Baneful Hearts from opening Tortured Gift chests and deposit them into the Accursed Ritual location (marker shown on map). After depositing three Baneful Hearts, you will be ambushed by a wave of enemies.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After fighting through and surviving the wave of enemies, the Blood Maiden will arrive, initiating a boss fight. Defeating the Blood Maiden is a tough challenge, but it’s definitely worth it, as winning can result in “great rewards,” according to the official Blizzard blog.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to take on the challenging Blood Maiden by yourself. In fact, once you deposit three Baneful Hearts, an alert will be sent to other players in your subzone. Those players can then decide if they want to help, which they most likely will. I have never had any issues with the community helping out during Helltide events, so you should be good there.

How to get Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Tortured Gifts Chests
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Baneful Hearts aren’t as simple as finding and opening Tortured Gift Chests. Opening Tortured Gift Chests actually requires 75 Abberant Cinders, which can be acquired by defeating enemies scattered across the Helltide Event. The amount of Abberant Cinders you receive per enemy will change depending on the enemy type and difficulty.

Once you have 75 Abberant Cinders, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock the Tortured Gift Chests and receive Baneful Hearts. Repeat the process until you have three Baneful Hearts.

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