How to Swap Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Emblems imbue your characters and units with powerful attacks, skills, and defense attributes in Fire Emblem Engage. Indeed, as you play through the game, especially on the higher difficulties, you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of these boons in battle. To do so, you’ll need to equip the required items. So how do you swap Emblem rings?

Why Swap Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Emblems fight alongside your character and supporting units in battle, bolstering their attacks and stats. Some boost STR values, while others increase DEX or magic. Additionally, they also provide Type Bonuses if paired correctly and give certain characters access to additional weapon types; Vander could have the ability to use rapiers, for example, if paired with Marth.

Rings matched with the same or similar unit type, such as Celine (Mag) and Celica (Mag), increase both the character’s and Emblem’s attack values in those categories, among other buffs. This doesn’t even touch on bond levels between Emblems and characters. In all, there’s a good bit of strategy involved in the system, meaning you ought to know how to swap rings no matter where you are.   

How to Change Emblem Rings

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You can swap Emblem Rings in the Somniel, on the world map, and before battles. You cannot change them once a battle begins. To swap Emblem Rings in the Somniel or on the overworld map

  • Press the “+” button. 
  • Select “Emblem Rings” at the top of the list on the left side. 
  • Choose a character from the list that appears, either your Alear or a supporting character.
    • You can see which characters already have Emblems equipped in this list, too; look for the ring icons to the left of the unit portraits. 
  • In the next menu, with the character and Emblem standing side by side in the middle, select from the list of Emblems on the right side by highlighting the Emblem and pressing “A”. This list will grow as you play the game and unlock more rings. 
    • You can also switch characters in this part of the menu by pressing “L” (left) or “R” (right). 
  • If the chosen character already has an Emblem equipped when you try to swap a ring, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you want to remove the currently-equipped Emblem. Choose “Remove” if so or “Cancel” if you change your mind. 
    • If another character is currently using the ring, the message will warn you that it will be removed. Choose “Equip” to do so or “Cancel” to choose another ring. 
    • If a ring is equipped to the same character that you’ve chosen, you can choose the ring and remove it that way, as well. 

To swap Emblem Rings before battle, choose the “Emblem Rings” menu from the options on the left side, beneath “Fight!” and “Unit Selection.” For more on FE: Engage, visit our guides hub

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