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How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Entire Farm In Stardew Valley

Too many blue chickens to fit in a normal screenshot? Here is how to capture your full farm.

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  • How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Entire Farm

Are you passionate about your beautifully-crafted Stardew Valley farm? Have you ever wished to capture its glory in a single image? This guide will unveil the secret to taking a screenshot of your entire farm, from your meticulously placed crops to your cozy cabins.




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How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Entire Farm

Capturing your dream farm in Stardew Valley and sharing it with others is a breeze. The game offers a built-in screenshot function that grabs your entire property in one click. Here’s how:

First, open the in-game menu by pressing Esc on PC or using the menu button on consoles/mobile. Navigate to the ‘Options’ tab, represented by a controller icon. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the options list. You’ll find a camera icon.

Make sure your zoom level is
set to 25% before taking the screenshot.
This guarantees your whole farm gets captured. Console and mobile versions
automatically capture the full map.

Finally, click the camera icon, and the game will grab an image of your entire farm. A notification will pop up confirming the capture.

This handy screenshot feature isn’t limited to your farm. It can
capture any area within the game,
snapping a picture of the entire zone your character is exploring. So, whether you’re strolling through Pelican Town, venturing into the Secret Woods, or relaxing on the Beach, you can grab a full screenshot of the scenery.

Where To Locate The Taken Screenshot

The exact location of the screenshot might differ depending on your operating system, but it’s typically found in the Stardew Valley folder within your %appdata% folder for PC or within your console’s photo library. Now you have a beautiful image of your farm ready to be shared or used as a wallpaper.


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