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How To Unlock Seasonal Upgrades In Destiny 2: Echoes

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape has a new episodic model that has replaced quarterly seasons. An episode is similar to a season but lasts slightly longer, has a more consistent content cadence, and has additional activities for players to experience.




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This episodic model has also changed the seasonal progression model slightly. Failsafe’s upgrades in Episode: Echoes are now tied to quests that unlock throughout the episode instead of through a 3×7 grid or Seasonal Challenges. In this short guide, we’ll go over how upgrades work in Echoes, and we’ll give a brief overview of what each upgrade does in this episode.

How To Unlock Upgrades In Episode: Echoes

Destiny 2 Echoes Upgrade Questline Specimen 1

Most upgrades tied to Echoes are unlocked through Specimen quests, which are obtained from Failsafe in the HELM. You can unlock the first set of seasonal upgrades by completing the “Specimen ID: NES001” quest. Complete your first Arena: Breach Executable run and speak with Failsafe to start this quest.

Specimen Samples

Destiny 2 Specimen NES001

At each weekly reset, Failsafe will have a new specimen quest you can complete to unlock additional upgrades at the HELM. The first quest you’ll receive is “Specimen ID: NES001,” which will ask you to complete a run of Arena: Breach Executable and destroy a Planetary Assimilation Piston. You can find a Planetary Assimilation Piston just before you start the second combat encounter. Head slightly left of the marked path and look for a star-shaped icon on your HUD.

Once this quest is complete, return to the HELM and display your new specimen. This will unlock most upgrades from Failsafe. Any locked upgrades will become available in future weekly specimen quests. These quests don’t disappear until the end of the year, so don’t worry about them expiring.

Research Bays And Upgrades

Destiny 2 Failsafe Upgrades

Research Bays


Upgrade or Item


Research Bay 1

Stores Specimen NES001

Specimen: NES001 Quest

Research Bay 2

Stores Specimen NES002

Specimen: NES002 Quest

Research Bay 3

Stores Specimen NES003

Specimen: NES002 Quest

Research And Fabrication

Standard Radiolite Sampler


Specimen: NES001 Quest

Radiolite Bay

Allows radiolite to be deposited in the HELM.

Specimen: NES001 Quest

Munitions Deployment Apparatus

Special delivery buffs found in Echoes content also spawn extra ammo or relic armaments.

Specimen: NES001 Quest

Primary Engram Focusing

Allows Echo Engram focusing in the HELM.

Specimen: NES001 Quest

Planetary Piston Hammer

Allows you to destroy Planetary Assimilation Pistons on Nessus.

Specimen: NES001 Quest



Specimen: NES002 Quest



Specimen: NES002 Quest



Specimen: NES003 Quest

Planetary Piston Hammer

Destiny 2 Planetary Piston Hammer

Partway through acquiring your first specimen, you’ll earn the Planetary Piston Hammer. This hammer is used to destroy Planetary Assimilation Pistons on Nessus, some of which are found in the Arena Executable activity. This hammer has five charges which recharge as you complete Echoes content (Arena Executable and Enigma Protocol).

If your hammer has zero charges, a free charge is earned each day.

Destroying a piston will drain one energy, awarding you with a chest worth of loot. This is a great way to earn bonus seasonal gear while progressing through certain quests and Seasonal Challenges.


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