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How To Use The MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun In Helldivers 2

Since the launch of Helldivers 2, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has consistently provided us with new weapons and Strategems to help spread managed Democracy throughout the galaxy. One of the newer weapons is the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun, which will help you deal an incredible amount of damage quickly.




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The Heavy Machine Gun is a Support Weapon Stratagem that will help you overcome the densest of enemy hordes, be they robots or insects. As long as you meet the prior requirements for the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun, then you’re likely to have no issue acquiring and using the weapon on the battlefield.

How To Get The MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun

A screenshot from Helldivers 2 showing the Strategem menu under 'Patriotic Administration Center' with the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun reflected. It's stats are listed as a 3 second call-in time, unlimited uses, and 480 seconds to cooldown after summoning.

The MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun can be found under the ‘Patriotic Administration Center’ in the Stratagem menu. As long as you’re at least level 12 and have 6,000 Requisition Slips to spend, then you have everything you need to purchase the item.

Stratagem command
for the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun is
Down, Left, Up, Down, Down

While you’ll likely have no problems aiming and mowing down your enemies, be aware that this gun has recoil equal to the additional firepower it packs.

How To Use The MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun

A screenshot from Helldivers 2 showing the player character shooting a MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun towards a collection of mines on the ground below.

The MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun is a powerful weapon, but it works like most other guns in the game. All you need to do to use it is point at the target and press the ‘Fire’ button. You can also aim down the sights with the ‘Aim’ button, which will show the reticle and give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for.

Unlike other support weapons, the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun doesn’t have a lot of room for ammo, with the ability to hold a max of two magazines before you need to refill your ammo.

Build and Strategy Options

A screenshot from Helldivers 2 showing the Armor menu with the FS-34 Exterminator armor selected. The Armor Passive 'Fortified' is circled in orange, as it reduced recoil by 30 percent and explosion damage resistance by 50 percent.

The great thing about the MG-206 Heavy Machine gun is that you will be able to place it in your build as is, since it functions much like the other Support weapons. That being said, it has one of the worst recoils in a standalone gun.

Since you’ll want to reduce recoil, you should crouch or go prone to reduce the weapon shake whenever possible. This makes the gun a great defensive asset, as you can stay in one spot and defend against a whole swarm of enemies coming at you.





‘Fortified’ Armor Passive

Reduces your recoil while crouched or prone by an additional 30 percent.


Jump Pack

It allows you to get to higher positions that are harder for enemies to reach. Good for defensive positions.



Gives you some notice before enemies are able to sneak up on you from a specific direction.

You’ll also want to make liberal use of the ‘Resupply’ Stratagem when you run out of ammo, which is sure to happen plenty with this gun. You’ll likely find your own loadout and go-to strategy when using this weapon as you get more used to it.


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