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How to use Training Mode in Stellar Blade demo

Stellar Blade has a complex fighting system that requires quick reflexes and strict timing. There’s a Training Mode where you can hone your skills, but it’s not available right away. Here’s how to use Training Mode in Stellar Blade

How to access the Training mode in Stellar Blade

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can enter the Training mode from any Camp by interacting with the Skill settings machine. You do need to play through the story for a few moments before you find one of these stations.

When you interact with the unit, it brings up Eve’s Skill trees. Press Square on any of your unlocked skills to enter the Training area. The Training mode will play a different scenario depending on the skill you picked, but the core of the mode remains the same. 

How to use Training Mode in Stellar Blade
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you just want to practice against a simple opponent who throws telegraphed abilities at you, try the Onslaught training from the Attack tree (pictured above).

How to use the Training Mode in Stellar Blade

The Training Mode puts you against an enemy that respawns each time you defeat it. You don’t take any damage here, so you can practice risky strategies without penalties.

The best thing about this mode is you can practice timing in a controlled environment. Perfect parries and dodges are hard to land consistently, and the Training mode is the best place to learn. As long as your timing issues aren’t related to input lag, you can get a good feel for Eve’s abilities in this area. It’s also a great place to try out the different settings for controls and graphics.

You can also choose your enemy’s behavior. Press right or left on the D-Pad to cycle through the various options. I recommend setting the AI to All Attacks, as it best simulates real combat and forces you to swap between parries and dodges.

Your inputs are displayed on the right of the screen, which is handy as it shows how combos are structured. You can also visualize the slight delay between pressing the buttons and Eve performing the action.

If you’re struggling with timing, you can tweak in-game settings to help, but there are also external options that may have a larger impact.

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