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How to win Buckshot Roulette and get 70k

Facing off against a ghoul in a deep, dark techno club, gambling for my life is how I usually like to spend my weekday evenings. This is why I love Buckshot Roulette. Now I can play it without the inevitable clean-up, and spend my time trying to hit the high score of 70k to win Buckshot Roulette instead.

How to win at Buckshot Roulette

In Buckshot Roulette, like real Russian roulette, most of the time, the chances of success are down to luck. However, with Buckshot Roulette, there are a few tactics you can employ to ensure you hit the high score of 70000 and win the game. Certain items will reduce your score, and certain things will boost it. Here is how to win.

Door kicks matter

To get the maximum number of points in Buckshot Roulette, you want to kick that door in at least twice. This does mean that you have to lose at least once, but that is pretty likely anyway. Live close to the edge and let that weird faceless thing at the other side at least have a glimmer of hope.

Image: PC Invasion

Use your items tactically

Of course, which items you get in Buckshot Roulette are completely down to chance, but to win and get the high score of 70k, you should only use certain ones. If you have ever actually won the game, you will notice that the score is deducted for using Beer and Cigarettes. This is because Cigarettes are an extra life, weirdly, and Beer is a skip. They’re pretty overpowered.

If you want to actually win and get the 70k score in Buckshot Roulette you should be looking to only use the Magnifying Glass, Handcuffs, and Saw. These three items are your best friend and can result in winning the game much quicker than you think. Again, this is all down to luck, but stick to these three, and you will have a lot higher chance.

How to win Buckshot Roulette and get 70k
Image: PC Invasion

Using the Magnifying Glass, you can check what shell is in the chamber. Using the Handcuffs, you can skip the opponent’s go, and with the Saw, you can double the damage once you know what is coming up next. Using these three, combined with the luck of the draw, you should be able to avoid using any of the Beers of Cigarette items.

Pray to the Buckshot Roulette gods

I think God left that club many eons ago, but a little prayer before you kick the first door in wouldn’t go amiss. Really, what it comes down to, if you’re employing the tactics above, is pure luck. Getting that 70k score and winning Buckshot Roulette is in the hands of fate.

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