How to Win Dance Battle in Ooblets

It’s all about the beats in a dance battles in Ooblets. Getting the right amount of points faster than your opponents can be tough, especially when you don’t have the right moves.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to win dance battle in Ooblets. All you need to know is learn a few specific rules, and you’ll win every time.

Choose Ooblets With Best Moves

Once a dance battle is initiated, players need to select an equal number of Ooblets from their squad to that of the opposing team. If you have more Ooblets than the required number, it is essential to choose only the best ones from your squad.

Each team has white and red dance cards. White are general moves, and red ones are specific to each individual Ooblet. Note that it’s the red cards that will win you a Dance Battle.

Cards have a cost of beats, and each turn allows you to spend only a limited amount of beats per turn, and thus moves that earn your winning points. Here is a complete breakdown of beats within various match-ups:

  • 1v1 Dance Battle = 20 Winning Points (3 Beats per turn).
  • 2v2 Dance Battle = 25 Winning Points (4 Beats per turn).
  • 3v3 Dance Battle = 30 Winning Points (4 Beats per turn).
  • 4v4 Dance Battle = 35 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).
  • 5v5 Dance Battle = 40 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).
  • 6v6 Dance Battle = 40 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).

There are only eight white cards in the game with general moves. Here they are:

  • Lil Lindy: Earn 2 points.
  • Gavotte Trot: Earn 4 points.
  • Flip Floss: Earn 7 points.
  • Takey Tap Tap: Steal 3 points.
  • One Step Pep: Gain 1 hype.
  • Rhythm & Grow: Gain 1 beat.
  • Rig-a-Jig: Add 1 move to your hand.
  • Trepidation: A useless card.

The most useful ones are:

  • Flip Floss, which should be used at the very end to quickly hit that finishing line.
  • Takey Tap Tap, which can save your game by taking points from the enemy squad.
  • Rig-a-Jig, which allows you to strengthen your game when needed with an extra move.
  • You can also give Trepidation to your opponent.

Although these white cards are useful, you need to mostly rely on the red cards that come with signature moves of each individual Ooblet. Each Ooblet has three signature cards, and here are the best ones:

  • Legsy (Pike Drop).
  • Derble (Bon Bon Bop).
  • Dooziedug (Todoozie Three).
  • Fripp (Loaded Lindy).
  • Grebun (Todoozie Three).
  • Gumple (Todoozie Three).
  • Hermble (Hokeyokay).
  • Kingwa (Todoozie Three).
  • Oogum (Counter Projection).
  • Petula (Blue Sky This).
  • Radlad (Big Flourish).
  • Spuddle (Group Think Slink).
  • Tamlin (Todoozie Three).

These Ooblets and their signature moves will earn you the most points, and definitely bring you many victories.

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That’s everything you need to know on how to win Dance Battle in Ooblets. For more Ooblets tips and tricks articles, please follow the link for our dedicated hub page.

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