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How Understand The Dwarf In Stardew Valley

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Most of the residents of Stardew Valley are human, but while going through your daily farm life, you may come across some peculiar individuals who aren’t human. One of these individuals is the Dwarf, living within the Mines of Pelican Town. Dwarves were a once powerful race, however, in modern times, they have fallen into darkness, with only a few remaining.




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At the start of the game, you will not be able to meet or speak with the Dwarf. Getting to them can be a bit confusing, but we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to go over how to speak with the Dwarf. First, let’s take a look at where you can find them.

Updated February 9, 2024 by Jacqueline Zalace: The Stardew Valley Dwarf is out-of-reach at the beginning of Stardew Valley, and is unintelligible until you can decipher the Dwarvish language. We’ve updated this guide with refreshed formatting and added a bit more information about this NPC.

Where To Find The Dwarf

stardew valley player talking to dwarf

The Dwarf is located in the Mines, to the northeast of Robin’s Carpenter Shop. From the entrance of the Mines, you will see a small path leading toward the right. Down this path, you can find the Dwarf.

At the start of the game, this path will be blocked by a large rock. Approaching the rock and interacting with it will prompt a message telling you that it can’t be broken yet. To break this rock, you have two options, which can be found below.



Use A Steel Pickaxe

To upgrade your pickaxe, head to the Blacksmith. Steel is the second upgrade; this means that you will first need a copper pickaxe.

Use A Bomb

Use a cherry bomb, which will become available once you reach Mining Level 1. Place the bomb next to the rocks and be sure to stand back so you don’t take damage.

With the rock removed, you can head down the path and speak with the Dwarf.

How To Understand Dwarvish

player inventory with dwarf scroll II highlighted
via BeetleThrone777/Steam

The first time you talk with the Dwarf, you might not be able to understand them. This is because they are speaking Dwarvish, which you don’t know yet.

To understand Dwarvish, you will need to acquire the Dwarvish Translation Guide, which will be given to you once you donate the four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum.

Below, you’ll see where you can find each of these scrolls.

Once you have donated all four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum, Gunther will reward you with the Dwarvish Translation Guide. Now, you can talk to the Dwarf and understand what they are saying.

How To Make Friends With The Dwarf

player standing next to dwarf in the mines

You will be able to befriend the Dwarf like any other NPC in the valley. The Dwarf will never leave their position in the Mines, which means that they do not have a daily schedule that you need to take into consideration.

Like other villagers, the Dwarf has friendship heart events, and can even be
invited to the movie theater.
Additionally, they love receiving minerals and Omni Geodes. If you have a few emeralds or rubies on hand, be sure to give some to the Dwarf two times a week!

The Dwarf also runs a small shop, selling a variety of helpful items related to mining. Below, you can check out all the items available from their shop.



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