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Huge Nintendo switch Leaks Appear! | Zelda 35Th Anniversary at e3 2021?

What Does Super Mario 3d All Stars Have To Do With The Legend Of Zelda’s 35Th Anniversary? what nintendo 2021 plans for a zelda 35th anniversary? heck what are nintendoS E3 2021 plans? will the next nintendo direct leak hold any zelda nintendo news and leak just like the other nintendo directs .will next nintendo direct in 2021 be a January nintendo direct and will it hold a legend of zelda 35th anniversary? what zelda nintendo switch games could we see at the next nintendo anniversary direct in 2021( if there is one). could the june nintendo direct leak be like other directs and could it set up nintendo switch 2020 and nintendo switch 2021?

well according to new nintendo switch leaks and nintendo rumors plus my nintendo 2020 predictions/nintendo 2021 prediction on zelda’s anniversary , new nintendo switch games like the legend of zelda the wind waker, the legend of zelda twilight princesss and legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 are among the nintendo switch games that i predict will be a part of a legend of zelda 3th anniversary. i mean we havent had any nintendo news or even nintendo updates on breath of the wild 2 for a long time and could see in 2021-22! aside from THOSE nintendo leaks and nintendo rumors that ( which usually comes about when nintendo direct rumors or nintendo direct leaks appear) other new nintendo leaks range from a new donkey kong switch game to a new mother game on the nintendo switch. the next nintendo console also makes an appearance in my other nintendo predictions as well as talk of a new diddy kong racing game. ( videos are on the channel)

even though it looks like there is no nintendo direct in 2020 since the last big nintendo direct we got was the 2019 nintendo direct, we still need to know about huge 2020 nintendo switch games + 2021 nintendo switch games.which super mario 3d all stars and those super mario 35th anniversary could give us hints to a links 3th anniversary.

with games like the hyrul warriors age of calamity, pikmin 3 and super mario 3d world plus bowsers fury coming in 2020 and 2021, could nintendo have new nintendo switch games in 2021 yet to be announced( like the rumored metroid prime 2d switch game)? its looks like nintendo 2020 is going to be a blast!if you have been wondering when is the next nintendo direct, this nintendo leak video is just for you!

we talk about all this nintendo news and more on the latest robo tron show where we cover the latest nintendo switch news and nintendo direct news in 2020 and beyond. for more switch news and nintendo switch leaks plus gaming nintendo, subscribe to robo rob gaming for more video game news.

check out other nintendo videos!

nintendo switch pro rumors – https://youtu.be/fizZOTTXgxA
e3 nintendo direct predictions – https://youtu.be/XFY8Aa-ksNI
legend of zelda 35th anniversary video – https://youtu.be/Wsv14Ecc6wk
metroid prime 4 leak video – https://youtu.be/wo3PKB2sMlQ

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Robo Rob Gaming
1 year ago

So it seems zelda 35th posters are showing up at gamestop now!
link to video will be right here once its finished – >

but for now heres the tweet link – > https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1403446384410468354

also what games are you playing? (ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ? Sub ((?)) for more, shares also help big time!

support me on patreon – https://t.co/Igoak7nT8u?amp=1

follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/Roborob93

Michael Thornton
1 year ago

Im really hoping for a twilight princess and windwaker. Day one purchase for sure. We shall see, i just dont want to get my hopes up. But 35th anniversary, anything can happen

1 year ago

I need twilight princess on the switch

Killian Dougherty
1 year ago

Whatever it is they do for Botw 2 even if its similar to the first game, all I want is to play as Zelda

Frankie j
1 year ago

I never got a wii u so plz bring back wind waker?

Laura Tucker
1 year ago

Love to see wind weaker!!

Laura Tucker
1 year ago

Love to see wind weaker!!

1 year ago

I just received an email of nintendo asking me if i would like zelda ports

The Mason Experience

This Mario rabbit series is terrible

Domanic Williams
1 year ago

I'm thinking maybe zelda 35th anniversary is coming in August they may use the 1987 us release date

Rafael Freitas
1 year ago

Besides the ports, I believe Nintendo will surprise us with a remake to celebrate the anniversary. Maybe a remake of the first Zelda with Link's Awakening's art style.

Cognitive Dissonance

Would love to see the triple pack with Ocarina, but I'd happily settle for windwaker and Twillight!

Justin heroic Andergamerson04

I made a top 6 Zelda games

Bebop Resin Collector

Why can’t Nintendo release an Ocarina of time!, that’s all I want!

1 year ago

1:19 of self shilling before vid starts…?

James Hatton
1 year ago

Didn't Reggie go over to GameStop?

Kayleigh Haines
1 year ago

Can we get a zelda maker? I love twilight princess

Phil Thatcher
1 year ago

Botw2 release date for the switch would be awesome. We're getting Skyward Sword next month so I'm quite satisfied as a Zelda fan at the moment. If Nintendo are charging £50 for one game, it's hard to see them doing a collection of Zelda games.

Mad Society20294
1 year ago

What do you think Nintendo will really name the new Nintendo switch and sorry about before I didn't believe the leaks but now there's a lot of evidence pointing towards a new Nintendo switch upgrade 4k module so I'm really excited plus playing all my Nintendo switch games in 4k legend of Zelda switch games and Super Mario Odyssey and especially Metroid prime 4 and maybe Metroid prime trilogy in 4k will be awesome.

Ori The Spirit Guardian

I'm predicting that 3ds collection in the thumbnail will be whats announced except it will include, ocarina of time, wind waker, and twilight princess with the title being the master collection

Nintendo Time
1 year ago

I really want a Zelda collection! I am setting my expectations low so I don’t get disappointed. Great video man!

Sophie Crossing
1 year ago

I do think that we will see the gameplay of BOTW 2 at E3.

J. Reaper
1 year ago

1.ocarina of time
2. majora's mask
3. twilight princess
Those are the once I would love to see for the 35th collection bundle

Money seeker
1 year ago

I’m tired of playing the same games… remakes after remakes are they running out of games to make? They have so many awesome game characters yet they choose focus on the same characters all the time

Phil Anson
1 year ago

Nintendo already stated skyward sword wasnt counted as a 35th.

They also renewed oot, majora, tp and ww. So possibility of 2 doubles or a quad pack.

Nintendo said with the mario 35 they were testing switch to see how it handled n64 and gamecube programming.

Well that kind of test takes more than 1 game so it's likely these renews are part of that.

I'm not saying it's a gaurentee but be ready if it comes out

Jimmy Mackinnon
1 year ago

Well everything seems to line up. I think we probably will get WW and TP.

1 year ago

Ugh I want a revamped version of A Link to the past ?️

H.B Strong
1 year ago

Kid icarus uprising 2

Ryan Perrault
1 year ago

I want a Zelda maker so bad. Have it include 2D & 3D….I'd play it literally every day.

1 year ago

I saw Pokémon XD in my local shop for 75$ CAD I was so close to buying it.

Devante Peterson
1 year ago

My favorite the legends zelda is breath wild twitle prince last wind waker

Kevin Calcagno
1 year ago

What song is playing at the end of the video?? I know it’s super familiar but I can’t remember where it’s from

1 year ago


Minesteve 07
1 year ago

I only expect a few major things (games coming in like 2023) but mostly disappointments for Nintendo

1 year ago

I’ve heard some rumors about another 2D Zelda. Not a remake but a new one and that it would have a different take on it. Is there any credit to this?

Zack Boring
1 year ago

I think a 3ds collection would be nice. A Ocarina of Time HD, Majora's mask HD, and "A Link between worlds HD".

El Nino Son
1 year ago

Is this a leak or just shit you made up?

Dirk Vanderwal
1 year ago

I'm soo exited

1 year ago

I think we should have ocarina of Time HD wind waker and Twilight princess HD in a triple pack because these three games have the biggest and best confrontations with Ganon, and we're surely going to be going up against Ganon yet again in breath of the wild 2

noahh a
1 year ago

wtf is the description???

1 year ago

If there is no mariokart 9, I will have a mental breakdown and feel the pain of Fzero/ earthbound fans

1 year ago

I think the sequel to breath of the wild will have connections to Twilight Princess

Cern Foxtail
1 year ago

Link to the past and link between worlds remake double pack

1 year ago

And i have liked the video

1 year ago

I can't wait for zelda news at E3 🙂

1 year ago

I work at gamestop, there is in fact a Zelda related event happening next week. Don’t know any other info but can confirm

Shadow Legend
1 year ago

Best (and unlikely) scenario for zelda 35th anniversary is a 4 game pack of majora's mask, ocarina of time, twilight princess, and windwaker along with SOME news/release date for botw 2

mr zarkgon
1 year ago

Really want wind weaker man playing it in the car sounds good

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