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Humble Store Black Friday Fest is live! Buy a select game to get free Humble Choice

You can save big on Mortal Kombat 1, Dave the Diver, and more!

There’s a fresh sale up on the Humble Store showcasing a range of PC titles, from recent releases to well-loved classics. If you’re into fighting games, Street Fighter 6 is currently discounted by 34%, while Mortal Kombat 1 has a 30% markdown—both released in 2023.

Indie enthusiasts can rejoice, too; Dave the Diver, a captivating blend of management and roguelike genres, is now 20% off. Plus, Cult of the Lamb is at its lowest price yet, slashed by 35%.

Humble Choice members get an extra advantage with a 20% further discount on these deals. Additionally, there’s a special offer tied to the monthly subscription: snag a game from this selection and get a free Humble Choice for December. However, this offer is exclusively for new subscribers.

Check out all the Humble Store Black Friday Fest deals below.

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