If the RTX 4080 doesn’t drop below $1,000 this Black Friday I’m waiting for the Super

What price would I actually pay for an RTX 4080? Tough question. I know what price I wouldn’t pay and that’s $1,199, or rather the card’s MSRP. It’s not that the RTX 4080 is a bad card. It isn’t; I’ve been testing Alan Wake 2 on an RTX 4080 for a couple weeks and have absolutely no complaints with how that game performs. It’s more than there’s not a big enough leap in performance to justify spending the extra cash. I’d rather save the money and buy an RTX 4070 Ti instead.

Here’s how I see the high-end Nvidia market right now, and why the RTX 4080 just isn’t a deal I feel worth taking up today.

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