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iHop Has Sonic Themed Pancakes That Will Earn You Rewards

Sonic has been getting a lot more attention than before as not only is he getting involved with Angry Birds in recent but now gamers who need a good and balance breakfeast can head over to IHOP to enjoy Sonic themed meals. With it being April Fools, at first we didn’t know if this was true, but the items seemingly are listed on iHop’s website, listing a breakfeast meal inspired by each character.

There are a total of six different breakfast meals that players can order from IHOP according to Gamespot players will be able to order any of the following: “Sonic’s Blue Blur Special” which is a stack of buttermilk pancakes and blueberries. “Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich” which is exactly what it sounds like, a crispy chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocade, cheese, and buttermilk ranch. “Tails 2x2x2” that has two eggs, pancakes, and then choice of meat – two pieces of bacon strips or two sausage links. “Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes” which is some yummy looking chocolate pancakes along with “Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight” and also “Dr. Eggman’s Benedict.”

The iHOP website can help by providing more information about each one of the dishes, the pricing, and also what nutirition each one has. The best part yet is that, if you are a player who is apart of the IHOP loyalty program, each purchase will help you earn coins to be able to redeem coins that can be used to get a speical Amy outift in the Sonic Superstars game. Additionally, IHOP will also have Sonic gift cards avaliable to be purchased online through May 5.

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