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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Cinematic Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2024

Join Indy on another globe-trotting adventure in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Get a closer look at the story in this brand new Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer where we see Indy captured while looking for a mysterious artifact. How will Indy and Gina get out of this sticky situation?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2024.

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1 month ago

Battleship on a Mountain of Himalaja?Really! Philadelphia Experiment was Sucsess……

1 month ago

Re-watching for "Choo-choo, choo-choo" @ 2x speed

1 month ago

Is there going to be some kind of sci-fi twist? Since,you know,apparently Indiana Jones needs those anymore. Dial of Destiny had time travel,and before that Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls had aliens from outer space 😂😂😂😂

1 month ago

Please 3d person

1 month ago

Super !

1 month ago

The snow flakes on the dudes eyelashes was a little much

1 month ago

It’s like Harrison Ford never stopped playing the character

1 month ago

These graphics make the power of the PS3 really shine! Can't wait until this comes out in 2012.

1 month ago

Pls say this will be on PS5 😭😭

1 month ago

Indiana Bones and the great circle jerkle

1 month ago

Before John Wick movie franchise becomes popular and many people say this is one of the best action franchises.

Throwback in the 80s Indiana Jones did it the same way that John Wick be today.

1 month ago

Maybe Disney and Lucasfilms should consider making CG Indiana Jones films with Harrison Ford voicing a young Indy.

1 month ago

Xbox exclusivity makes me sad, but the game itself looks amazing!

1 month ago

What happened to the contraband game?

1 month ago

Did anyone else get the Cartoon "Choo Choo" reference from.the first Micky Mouse Cartoon?

1 month ago


1 month ago

It's a shame that this game is in first person…

1 month ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PUT THE SATCHEL UNDER THE JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago


1 month ago

Can't be any worse than the last 2 movies put together

1 month ago

The movie we should have gotten.

1 month ago

Still can’t believe that’s Troy Baker, as much as he’s in “everything” the man’s an undeniable talent

1 month ago

Seriously, what can’t Troy Baker do?!?!?!

1 month ago

Nice film

1 month ago

first person ? p…..p…..p…..p…..p…..POUAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂😂😂😂

1 month ago

was excited until saw its an FPS. Pass :/

1 month ago

"Indiana Jones and the great plastic look"

1 month ago

The sheepskin on Indys hat and jacket looks very bad…

1 month ago

the facial graphics are bad, no? It appears to be one bland texture with no facial detial or pores etc. Like Horizon Zero dawn, modern resident evil games, cyberpunk all look better.

1 month ago

Nope, make it 3rd person and I'll try it.

1 month ago

Looks better than the garbage movie that came out last year. Reminds me of the original 3. Plus, that voice actor is flawless.

1 month ago

Anyone remember the ‘Temple of Doom’ game on NES? That game was BRUTAL! 😭

1 month ago

The gameplay looks janky…Hoping for the best, but not holding my breath.

1 month ago

choo choo lol

1 month ago

Already better than Dial of Destiny.

1 month ago

ripoff of Uncharted, but with some oldie time character nobody has heard of (my avatar is Magnum PI, you are being trolled by an old man)

1 month ago

The king of the tombs returns !! Is epic, because is the same humor than indiana jones movies , when the big box falls xdxd

1 month ago

Why the hell one of german soldiers has some sort of a chest rig?

1 month ago

Even the punches remind me of the ones from raiders

1 month ago

wish James fron Funhause plays his

1 month ago

Thats me at 2:47!