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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Game Overview | Xbox Dev Direct 2024

MachineGames shows us everything we need to know about the new Indiana Jones action adventure game coming to Xbox. Meet Gina, Indy’s ally and an investigative journalist and the big bad villain, the brilliant but dastardly Emmerich Voss. Whips, shovels, guns and whips will help Indy face enemies, traps and puzzles as he solves this latest mystery. The release is set for 2024 on Xbox, Game Pass and PC.


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15 days ago

If this were in third-person mode, it would be even more epic! But rest assured, I'll be first in line when this historic game comes out!

15 days ago


15 days ago

5:14 aaaand l'm out

15 days ago


15 days ago

this game has a long way to go.

15 days ago

Now imagine if this same devs did a Star Wars Han Solo game🤔.

15 days ago

Executive producer Todd Howard, lets hope this game doesn't turn out to be "Indian Jones and the Great Loading Screen"

15 days ago

“Modern Audiences” is a term that is cursed.

15 days ago

Why FPS though…

15 days ago

Okay the shot of Indy wacking the soldier with a shovel is hilarious

15 days ago

5:14 the Axis powers should have won.

15 days ago

First Person? "Modern Audiences"? Im out!

15 days ago

The only thing that would make this game better is being able to play it on PlayStation 😂❤🎉

15 days ago

Is this made 16 times more for the "Modern Audience" than compared to Dial of destiny?

15 days ago

Easy pass

15 days ago

“For the modern gaming audience” = don’t bother buying this garbage. Don’t throw your money away to encourage more of this crap.

15 days ago

The best part is that It’s first person, the most immersive style

15 days ago

Oh wonderful, an Alphabet cult freakshow is narrative director. Can't wait to have Indy emasculated by a trans black queerdo activist.

15 days ago

Looks pathetic. Isn't this 2024? Destroying everything.

15 days ago

Will there also be a release for the ps5? Maybe a bit later? Please!!

15 days ago

Freu mich schon drauf 😇

15 days ago

Lipsync looks bleh man..

15 days ago

No 3rd person, Not interested.

15 days ago


15 days ago

Looks garbage lol.

15 days ago

Real disappointment to see that Todd Howard wasn't wearing the Starfield Constellation Edition watch.

15 days ago

Why not on playstation also? Microsoft beeing nervous much? 😀

15 days ago

5:10 this game is DOA

15 days ago

Everything just works

15 days ago

Todd Howard attached to it, I’m already skeptical.

15 days ago

The 5th film we actually wanted! 😂

15 days ago

graphics on point

15 days ago

Why does Todd Howard always look a bit like he’s CGI?

15 days ago

still on an engine from 1997 .

15 days ago

"He's a briliant archeologist."
To be fair and completely honest, he is one of the worst.

15 days ago

If Sony was making this game, it would definitely be a great game and definitely would have been third person

15 days ago

This is gonna be the new uncharted 😂

15 days ago

The graphics looks cheap

15 days ago

IGN if it was a PlayStation exclusive we would have gave it a nine out of 10 but since it's an Xbox exclusive we got to give it a 6 out of 10

15 days ago

This would have worked 100 times better as a thrid person game, Indiana Jones is the inspiration for Uncharted and Tomb Raider series…

15 days ago

first person, awesome.

15 days ago

This looks worse than Uncharted from eight years ago !!! :((((((((((((((((((((

15 days ago

Why didn’t they use Harrison for this? 🙁