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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Official Showcase Reveal Trailer | Xbox Games Showcase 2024

You are Indiana Jones. In this pivotal cinematic, Indy and Gina make a startling discovery in the Himalayas. Prepare for this single player adventure set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.


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1 day ago

its must be third person style

1 day ago

Less exciting tomb raider.

1 day ago

Of course there's a strong snarky unattractive girl-boss sidekick who is more capable than Indy.

1 day ago

I can't wait for the girl-boss to do everything better than him.

1 day ago

I met Troy Baker last year and he was so nice

1 day ago

1:52 doesn't feel right. In the era this is set the woman wouldn't of just jumped up, this feels forced just to get Indie captured. Why was it wrote this way :/ Feels like more modern stuff pushed in, feels forced and unrealistic. In a situation like that I can count the amount of women that would help on the fingers of a bread thief under Shariah law.

1 day ago

Choo choo, ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂

1 day ago

3:03 play at 2x

1 day ago

3:04 thank me later.

1 day ago

The graphics look like they’re from 2015

1 day ago

And of course they had to put in a brown short haired masculine woman, they just can't help it.

1 day ago

3:08 underrated

1 day ago


1 day ago

looks better than the new indy movie

1 day ago

I would have loved for this to be a 3rd person game or at least have it as an option to play.

1 day ago

Why does it sound like Adam West?

1 day ago

That whole cutscene on the Ship was straight out of the movies I LOVED IT

1 day ago

Pls tell me they will make a third person dlc

1 day ago

So this is just gonna be 5% gameplay and 95% cutscenes?

1 day ago

Seeing Indiana Jones in Paltan Bazaar would be wild

1 day ago

3:03 watch this at 2x speed

1 day ago

Man it’s crazy how well they captured Harrison Ford’s mannerisms. It looks like it could be a real Indiana Jones movie.

1 day ago


1 day ago

I’m hyped for these new games tbh, doom and Indiana jones, what’s going on?

1 day ago

Already better than the Dial Of Destiny

1 day ago

Nah this is so peak, the way these scenes flow is classic Indiana Jones "so said the kid born in 2004 BUT STILL"

1 day ago

XBOX showcase was Awesome, the best show of 2024 and nightmare for Ponys ! Every game was great !

Now XBOX has all the best games and Studios Activision + Bethesda + XBOX and the best Day 1 on Game Pass !

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

3rd person option please

1 day ago

Looks incredible, can't wait!

1 day ago

Nothing can or will beat "indiana jones and the emperors tomb" imo

1 day ago

Get off my plane !!!!!!

1 day ago

Troy’s indy sounds like hank hill sometimes😂😂

1 day ago

Xbox don’t have games they said…..

1 day ago

Xbox dropping mics all over place right now. Looks great.

1 day ago

Why is it like a movie?? I want PLAY the game and not watching scripted cutscenes/events!! This is so annoying.

1 day ago

a lot of it looks good. a lot of it doesnt. they move very unaturally

1 day ago

This game should have been 3rd person

1 day ago

Modern gaming is as bad as Hollywoke. No pre-order and I will wait for non-bought and paid for reviews.

1 day ago

Only game in a while where I’d say Xbox is lucky to have this exclusive!

1 day ago

This belongs in a museum

1 day ago

Ok, you got me. I was so cynical being from Bethesda, but this feels more Indy than the newest films.