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Insiders claim we’ll be getting our first look at Gears 6 soon

We’ve been hearing rumours about The Coalition’s development plans for quite some time now. While a small, new IP was in development at one point, this was scrapped to focus all efforts on the next Gears of War game. Now, the time to reveal Gears 6 might be just around the corner. 

Industry reporter, Jeff Grubb, who has accurately revealed details about Coalition projects in the past, has recently claimed that the next Gears of War game could be one of the big announcements for this year’s Xbox Games Summer Showcase.

Beyond this, The Verge’s Tom Warren, who often reports on Microsoft and Xbox-related topics, has corroborated the idea that we’ll be getting Gears-related news this summer. As spotted by Insider Gaming, another insider, Shinobi602, posted about the game’s graphical potential, although this may largely be based on The Coalition’s reputation for getting the most out of Unreal Engine, in part due to having many former Epic Games developers on staff.

Microsoft has not set an official date for its Summer games showcase just yet, but we would expect it to take place in the first half of June. Recent reports also indicate that Sony will be making new PlayStation game announcements towards the end of May.

KitGuru Says: What do you want to see in Gears 6? Was the team on the right track with the larger, more explorable levels of Gears 5? Or do we need to return to the darker, close-quarters style of the original trilogy?

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