Intel’s Alchemist GPU looks promising in this gameplay video

Intel announced its new, high-performance graphics branding yesterday. In case you missed it, it’s called Arc. In the same vein as GeForce and Radeon, that branding will be used across hardware, software, and services. Intel also announced that DG2 will now be known as Alchemist, but beyond the name change, it’s very much what we’ve been expecting from Xe HPG since the start of the year.

All these naming shenanigans aside, what gives me hope for the as-yet-unreleased graphics card is the accompanying gameplay video, which went live shortly after the naming was announced. Using captured footage from pre-production silicon, there are plenty of familiar games to gawp at, and no obvious problems on display or strange omissions—well, beyond Cyberpunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Simulator at any rate. 

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