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Interactive Sci-Fi Movie, The Complex, Heading To iOS And Android In December

The Complex takes its thrilling interactive science fiction narrative to mobile platforms this coming holiday season.

Introduced on consoles, PC, and Switch last March, The Complex takes its thrilling interactive science fiction narrative to mobile platforms this coming holiday season.

Developed by Good Gate Media, Little Jade Productions, and Wales Interactive, the choose-your-own-adventure tale tracks a young Dr. Amy Tenant, the leading mind in nanocell technology. Trapped in a locked-down facility following a catastrophic attack on London, Amy is suddenly thrust into a series of conflicts only you can control.

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In the same vein of experiences like Erica, She Sees Red, or even Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, The Complex gives viewers the freedom of choice, allowing them to make use of specific instances played throughout the story. Depending on said choices, the end result of Dr. Amy Tenant’s time within the building can lead to one of eight various conclusions. These many interactions are what drive the story forward, making use of different outcomes by way of both personality and relationship tracking.

The former is the most interesting, as it literally diagnoses a player’s actions via the five different personality traits of agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, openness, and neuroticism. At the end of each run, a score is gifted in accordance with the many consequences perpetrated by the player, much like Grand Theft Auto V’s finishing psychiatric evaluation screen.

Penned by The Handmaid’s Tale writer Lynn Renee Maxcy and starring Michelle Mylett as Amy, The Complex acts more so as a cinematic experience than any choose-your-own-adventure game before it. As our own Jamie Latour writes in his review of The Complex: “This is an interactive FMV game featuring hours upon hours of film footage cut together into one movie for the player to watch.”

At least, on mobile devices, it can now be reached by a far broader audience and from the comfort of any practical location. With a weaving story of conflicts culminating in eight varied outcomes and multiple personality evaluations based on your actions, what would your end result be?

Experience the sci-fi thrill ride of The Complex on December 3rd via both Android and iOS devices.

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