IRL Sims stream controlled by viewers goes as well as you’d expect

This viewer-controlled IRL Sims stream on Twitch is an absolute rollercoaster and I can’t stop watching. Streamer Jerma985 has had the stream in the pipeline for a while, calling it his “biggest project” earlier this month. It’s easy to see why, because the entire thing is a bonkers yet fantastic experience that managed to make me forget I was watching this on Twitch, completely free of charge. Journo Nathan Grayson alerted people to the stream on Twitter, and I am grateful.

The entire thing takes place on a set that makes it feel like an old sitcom or MTV social experiment from the early 2000s. Absolutely everything Jerma does is controlled by the viewers thanks to an extension called Dollhouse, which the streamer had custom-made for this. They begin by picking his outfit, a beautiful combination of a duck-patterned shirt and shorts, sassy sunglasses and a beer hat in true ridiculous Sims townie fashion.

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