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Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Struggling or Not? – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix:
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was released just two months ago, but there are signs that the game is falling short of sales expectations. The game’s sales are slow compared to its predecessor Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and last summer’s Final Fantasy 16. It also doesn’t help that the game is a PS5 exclusive (there are fewer PS5’s currently sold than PS4’s), and it costs $10 more than FF7 Remake did back in 2020. In other news, a new patch is coming for Dragon’s Dogma 2 that will bring some much-needed fixes, like one pertaining to the dragonsplague illness. And finally, Helldivers are really good at committing genocide, completing an order to kill 2 billion Terminids in less than a week (they did it in under 24 hours).

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1 month ago

IE PlayStation trolls don’t actually buy and play their own exclusives. But supposedly GOTY GOAT status tho….

1 month ago

1997 FF7 came in complete.
Years later we have to wait for the whole FF7 to be completed…

This is why….. consumers move on….

1 month ago

I’m waiting on it to come out for pc

1 month ago

Wow their game that was multi platform sold the most copies and made them the most money.
Who would have thought….
Going off physical copies of Rebirth in 2024 is not that far removed, to comparing digital sales of the original in 1997 and calling that a flop!!

1 month ago

I'll buy 3 copies of ff7 if it means getting pt 3 by 2027 😂 let us know SE!

1 month ago

It’s absolutely struggling to sell. Anyone denying it is living in delulu land.

The game has so many issues and we beed to start calling out officials review site for lying about the game.

1 month ago

Rebirth is a masterpiece and easily my favourite final fantasy game so far! If you haven’t picked this one up. You’re missing out bad

1 month ago

FF7 is a cosplay for npcs and smove brain phone players

1 month ago

PS5 exclusivity is why FF7 Rebirth sales are stubbling. No one wants to buy a console when a pro is coming out this year or better yet coming to PC.

1 month ago

False misinformation. The community surrounding ff7 has grown immensely. IGNVhas become less reliable and sometimes bitter when their reviews are seen as biased and untrue

1 month ago

Maybe people already know what’s going to happen in Rebirth so they’re passing it up till it goes on sale.

1 month ago

What killed this game is EXACTLY this.

(The PS4 has sold 117.17 million units to date. The PS5 is 68.24 million units behind lifetime PS4 sales.)

Keep in mind thousands of PS5's are owned primarely by scalpers and not actually real players too.

PS4 still has a larger Player Base.

They released part 2 to this game on the wrong console, that's the only problem.

1 month ago

IGN … is it struggling or not 😅?

1 month ago

Bought it. Dropped 140 hours. Loved it!

1 month ago

It’s harder for a sequel to a very specific game to sell.

1 month ago

im confused has this game done well or not

1 month ago

Most of my friends are waiting for part 3 to drop to play all 3 games in 1 go. 😅

1 month ago

Phenomenal game, just salty gamers begging for failure.

1 month ago

Lower the prices and people will buy it.

1 month ago

waiting on rebirth's pc release

1 month ago

Still playing lies of p and RE4. I'm not keeping up with new releases

1 month ago

Rebirth is AMAZING!!!

1 month ago

The rebirth story is hardcore than part1 for new comer who feel just like playing Mario party however it also confused the fans by leaving so much behind the story nevertheless it depends on what SE will do in finale if the same ending as original that’s really wasted of time just exaggerating these multiverse elements to a duplicate game in 4K which prepares for over a decade and make fans to understand the story in another decade.

1 month ago

Because it's not on Xbox series 😢

1 month ago

Shut up ign

1 month ago

People have bad taste in games, doesn't matter, for the rest of us, the final installment is still going to be released either way. 👍