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Is Princess Peach Stronger Than Mario?

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Power levels aren’t really a thing in the Super Mario world, since most of the powers our heroes can acquire are available to everyone. That does raise the question as to why no one else picks up the slack to save the world, but it may be a matter of attitude rather than aptitude.




Every Super Mario Game Where You Can Play As Princess Peach

Move over, Mario. It’s Princess Peach’s time to shine! Today, we go over every Super Mario game in which you can play as Peach.

Still, Mario is the hero that often saves the day, not to mention the fact that his name is in most titles, but is he really the mightiest hero around? Now that Princess Peach has graduated from damsel in distress to Showtime heroine, can she take the title from our dear red plumber?

How Strong Is Mario?

Large Mario stomping over obstacles in a level.

While there are plenty of games where you can choose to be someone other than Mario, the likely canonical hero for each of those adventures is Mario. Not only is his name in every title, but for some of the playable choices (like Nabbit or the Toads) it just doesn’t make sense for them to save the world.

What Are Mario’s Powers?

What Mario is most known for is his use of power-ups, like the Fire Flower or the Cat Suit, but those aren’t powers specific to him. Mario’s real powers are his bravery, agility, and overwhelming strength, feats that tend to appear in every single game.

For a simple measure of his might, we can look at an all-time classic, Super Mario 64. In it, Mario no longer needs clever tactics to toss Bowser away like in his 2D days; he now grabs the giant lizard by the tail and simply tosses him away.


Super Mario Bros: Who Are Mario And Luigi?

This Bowser-busting duo has been everywhere from outer space to the Olympics, but where did they come from?

As the main character of a platformer game, his agility is clearly top-notch, although the sheer amount of tricks Mario can do in his stand-alone games deserves mention. From Galaxy to Odyssey, Mario can do all sorts of backflips and wall jumps that would leave the best gymnasts to shame.

He can also grasp and understand new technologies and abilities with incredible ease. While we can’t count the F.L.U.D.D. water spray of Super Mario Sunshine as a power of Mario’s, it does show how quickly he can adapt to completely new situations.

What Are Mario’s Weaknesses?

Mario is a simple man with simple methods, so while he’s often the hero of the day, if the solution isn’t about bashing someone’s face in, he ends up being of little use. This also makes him easily tricked, although that’s something he shares with most of the Mushroom Kingdom.

His bravery, often seen as one of his greatest assets, can make him run head first into danger without considering the consequences. The best example of this is in the final stages of Luigi’s Mansion 3, where once you save Mario, he runs off to face the ghosts alone, and gets caught again almost immediately.

How Strong Is Princess Peach?

princess peach looking at a butterfly in super mario rpg
via Nintendo

Princess Peach is often the kidnapped one, not the savior, but as the years have gone by, she has stepped into the spotlight more and more. Not only is she playable in the latest Mario platformer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but she now has her own official stand-alone adventure, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Peach has already starred in her own game for the Nintendo DS, Super Princess Peach, but it pales in comparison to having her own 3D adventure on the Nintendo Switch console.

What Are Princess Peach’s Powers?

Just like Mario, Peach can use all the power-ups scattered across her kingdom, and she can match the plumber in agility too. We can see her in action not only in the games, but also in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, where a whole scene is dedicated to her traversing multiple traps and hazards.

Beyond that, she’s also known for using all kinds of restorative magic, depending on the title she’s in. Her role as a supportive ally can be seen not only in the Super Mario RPG series, but also in the Mario + Rabbids titles.



Every Ensemble In Princess Peach: Showtime, Ranked

Peach unlocks new outfits all the time in Princess Peach Showtime, but which is the very best?

In the few platformer titles where Mario and Princess Peach have different abilities, Peach tends to be the easier character thanks to her added abilities. In Super Mario 3D World, Peach shows that her dress allows her to glide, giving her a far easier time getting across the landscape.

And, in case you didn’t notice, she’s also royalty, although more than a Princess she works like a Queen. This undoubtedly gives her a lot of political power, not to mention some form of military might through her Toads; clearly a bigger deal than being a plumber.

There are conflicting accounts as to why Peach is a Princess instead of a Queen, although we might get more answers to this in the next Super Mario Bros. Movie.

What Are Princess Peach’s Weaknesses?

Being a Princess comes with a lot of privileges and luxury, but it also puts a target on your back, hence why Peach is often kidnapped for one reason or another. This can make her look weak, as needing to be saved over and over is hardly a way to show off your power.

She’s also slower than most other characters in the series, and that can be a huge setback when engaging foes in any kind of scenario. It isn’t known if she can achieve the same physical feats as other people in her world, but based on all the games she’s been in, it is rather unlikely.

Who Is Stronger: Princess Peach Or Mario?

Princes Peach wearing different outfits from her Showtime game

Years ago, a comparison between Princess Peach and Mario would’ve been pointless, since Mario was the savior and Peach the one in need of saving. But as more games are released, Peach keeps growing into her own character, to the point where she’s the one doing the saving now.

Making the comparison now makes Princess Peach the clear winner, since she is able to do everything Mario can while also adding things of her own. While she might now be able to toss Bowser into next week bare handed, she can still defeat the king of the Koopas in her own way, all while ruling her kingdom at the same time.


How Old Are The Main Characters Of Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Just how old is Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

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