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IS THIS GAME REAL?! Dragon Ball Sparking Zero

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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Just released a new trailer titled Master and Apprentice, revealing 10 new characters and confirming a few new moves and character skins.

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0:00 Reaction
2:33 Playasia (ad)
3:45 Skins Confirmed
4:15 Sonic Sway
4:57 Whis Defensive Mechanics
5:49 Future Arc
6:47 Roster Positions
7:47 Final Words

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1 month ago

Thank you Playasia! Go to to get your Asia exclusive games, figures and toys. Use code Globku for a 5% discount!

1 month ago

I think Android 17 (Super) is different from Android 17 (Z) i wish they did official announce them in this trailer but maybe another trailer they will

1 month ago

This game looks ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ

1 month ago

GOD this game looks so good

1 month ago

I'm praying for great saiyaman

1 month ago

Why y'all acting like just the show exists when it comes to what characters can do the manga exists lol they have moves

1 month ago

I love how future gohan looks, hes a lot more similar to young gohan(than the OVA) while looking older than Buu saga gohan.

1 month ago

I hope Super Android 17 is in the game

1 month ago

I really love the soundtrack

1 month ago

We seriously better get gt at least ssj4 goku and vegeta at the minimum but I want them and baby and the dragons but please at least ssj 4 goku and vegeta

1 month ago

I do hope GT gets announced

1 month ago

Hope we get tapion or teen Gotenks with z sword

1 month ago

If you havenโ€™t played the dbz game franchise since budikai 1 then ya have zero understanding and credibility of the roster or dbz BT

1 month ago

Z 17 is a different character and not a costume. If he was then they would have to rig different faces and add different voices just for a costume slot.

1 month ago

Them: "Is Whis gonna make it? He doesn't do anything in the show"
Me: "Bruh, Frieza Soldier made it into the last game… AFTER Cui and friggin Appule got in" ๐Ÿ˜…

1 month ago

I am so hyped for Future Trunks and Future Gohan. Literally best characters.

1 month ago

I think DB, GT and movie characters are just not gonna be in the game. So take the remaining Z characters from BT3, add the Super characters we all know they're gonna add, and you got a 164 char roster.

1 month ago

Again globku 17 Z is a different character lmao

1 month ago

This looks so good, the revamp is crisp.

1 month ago

SOO 163 CHARACTERS !!!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago

I'm fairly certain that the move Whis does that you didn't know was a mechanic where you use some of your health to negate any damage or combos. I'm not actually sure how to use it but the cpus use it all the time in bt3.

1 month ago

Gosh, I want all the characters from Tenkaiichi 3!

1 month ago

Yikes, you didn't add King Cold, Mecha Frieza and Cui to your roster prediction. Change it while you still can. hehe

1 month ago

what if whis eating ice cream is just a taunt

1 month ago

All the different versions of Gohan and still no Gohan{teen} ima js go cry at this point

1 month ago

Yes. The game is real

1 month ago

The best part of the trailer for me was the return of the dodge mechanic, thank the Nerd Gods. Now please bring the remaining mechanics back such as:

. Directional blocking mechanic – by pressing block and moving the analog stick up or down.

. Back step mechanic – by pressing backwards + X at the right time.

. Homerunning dash by pressing 2 times X while dashing, enabling us to dash much faster in a circle trajectory, appearing behind the opponent.

Aestheticaly I only need them to add blood to the character damage and I'm good.

1 month ago

Its wierd everyone thinks wisd eats the ice cream as a buff. I'm pretty sure thats just his dodge skill

1 month ago

They finally got the balls

1 month ago

I just realised that at 5:25 when whis did that ki blast neutralising move, you can see what seems to be the ground fading away at the very bottom. Maybe this is how they will handle objects being too close to the player unlike in BT3 where it just zooms in and turns your character blue and translucent?

1 month ago

i don't like the idea of skins, android 17 from Z and Super in xenoverse 2 are separate characters, if one of them is a skin it feels like they're going the lazy route to me. although to be honest videl having skins makes sense to me because idk how ponytail videl and short hair videl would play differently

1 month ago

5:39 little idea i just thought of, maybe this move could be somewhat RNG based, when its used whis will eat either a bitter, sweet or sour type of desert, depending on which one he eats he gets different buffs,

Bitter: gives him temporary super armour

Sour: gives him temporary passive ki regen

Sweet: temporarily buffs his speed and attack

1 month ago

Whis looking to be looking to be the games most powerful in terms of defense

1 month ago

Please come out this year please

1 month ago

Hey i just used your link to make my own roster predictions and there are some charaters missing that would most likely be in the roster like great ape kid gohan, full power jiren, and goku super sayain blue/kiaoken

1 month ago

Who is gohan talking about in the end? About goku black or cell? I really don't know but I'm really hype๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

1 month ago

It be really cool that Future Gohan's Alternate costume is his undamaged version like the one without scars and 2 arms and if he gets injured/battle damaged he loses his Arm and gains the scar like how BT4 does it

1 month ago

About 17, on the official website 17 is listed as DB super.

1 month ago

Nah 17 is a different character

1 month ago

At 0:53 when me and my brother learned to do that in bt3 it was the coolest thing๐Ÿ˜‚

1 month ago

I hope they detail the characters and blasts a little more before release