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Isaac Clarke from Dead Space comes to Fortnite

Late last year we reported that leaks claimed Fornite was set to crossover with Dead Space ahead of the remake’s release in January. With the remake mere days away, Isaac Clarke has now officially been added to Fortnite.

Making the announcement on their blog, the Fortnite team said “Isaac… Isaac… where are you? Isaac Clarke, ship system specialist and necromorph slayer, joins the Gaming Legends Series in Fortnite!”

The bundle will set you back $11.99 or your regional equivalent – which while quite costly for a simple cosmetic – the bundle includes 1500 V-bucks which would on its own cost nearly as much as the bundle to purchase. The Dead Space bundle also comes with the ‘RIG Back Bling’, ‘USG Ishimura Back Bling’ and last but not least a ‘Plasma Cutter Pickaxe.’

Of course, as with most modern Fortnite skins, Isaac Clarke’s has been well-crafted offering much more than a simple costume change (*cough cough Avengers*) and so those who cannot wait until the 27th of January to play Dead Space now have an outlet in the form of Fortnite. Plus unlike most Fortnite crossovers, at least Isaac Clarke actually uses guns in Dead Space.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the skin? Would you pay $11.99 for it? Will you be picking up Dead Space day-one? Let us know down below.

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