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Isabela Merced Talks The Last of Us, Her Unhealthy Obsession With Gaming

Isabela Merced will play Ellie’s love interest, Dina, in the upcoming second season of The Last of Us. The actress recently talked about the show, other projects, and her “unhealthy obsession with video games.”

Merced played The Last of Us 2 over one weekend

Merced spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her roles in Madame Web, Superman: Legacy, and The Last of Us. However, she also talks about her complicated relationship with video games. Merced described how she used to stay up until 4:00 AM gaming on her ex’s console every night.

“So, I have a very unhealthy obsession with video games, and I told myself I wouldn’t get a PS5,” she explained.

However, when she learned that the show’s creators wanted to talk to her, she decided she needed some preparation. “I had already watched the show, and so I went to my friend’s house, and I played [The Last of Us Part II] all in one weekend on the PS5,” said Merced. “It was amazing. It did 25 hours of gameplay. So, I really liked the second game, but I haven’t played the first game yet.”

Merced also talked about her co-stars, including Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who play Joel and Ellie in the show. Pascal is the only The Last of Us cast member she hasn’t met, and Merced looks forward to meeting him. The actress also spoke positively about co-producer Craig Mazin and Kaitlyn Dever, who plays antagonist Abby in Season 2. Dever and Merced co-starred in the Hulu original comedy Rosaline, where Dever and Merced play cousins Rosaline and Juliet Capulet.

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