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Jack Black Suggests He Is Playing Steve In Minecraft Movie

Jack Black could be starring as Steve.

It seems that the famous actor Jack Black has confirmed he is playing Steve in the Minecraft movie while also not confirming at all that he is at the same time. In a recent social media post, he shares him singing about a rainbow, which is a hint to another internet classic according to GameSpot.

The way that players are believing that Jack Black could be Steve in the Minecraft movie is because he has a “Steve” sign on his door, then an interoir that is a bunch of pictures of Steve from the video game everywhere when he opens the door. Afterward, the video ends with Black giving a smirk to the camera and this is why many people really believe that he will be playing as Steve in the popular building block game.

This would be the second video game movie that Jack Black has featured in if he does get this role, as he was Bowser in the popular The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which made many milions. Jack Black even got placed on the Billboard Hot 100 for his singing of Peaches which was in the film.

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Some of the other cast, Jason Mamoa, Danielle Brooks, Emma Myers, Jennifer Coolidge, Kate McKinnon, and Jemanie Clement have finished filming for the movie, but it hasn’t been confirmed who plays as Steve. The Minecraft movie is set to release in 2025, so we don’t have any further information about the movie as of yet.

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