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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns adds a new card mechanic to the digital board game, with a limited 75% off discount on the app stores

Marmalade Game Studio has announced a massive new update to JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, introducing a new gameplay mechanic that will add a fresh layer of strategy to the mobile board game. The major update also comes with a 75% discount on the iOS App Store and on Google Play from now until April 3rd.

In JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, players can expect to dive into the OG world of the 1995 movie as they try to save the town of Brantford from the perils of the jungle. There are all manner of things that can doom the whole town, so players will have to act fast during the real-time combat to make sure that the different parts of the town aren’t lost to the board game forever.

The latest update adds a card gameplay mechanic where players can draw from Attack and Assist cards during combat. Attack cards can deal damage to the wild animals during encounters, while Assist cards can give the team a welcome boost with some extra time. Assist cards can also pinpoint the weakness of a certain danger, as well as delay or even shield incoming attacks. Each encounter lets players earn in-game coins that will help them add new cards to their deck.

Bringing the Jumanji board game to life, based on the classic 1995 film, has been hugely fun and challenging. The new update adds another level to the experience providing even more multiplayer fun for every type of player,” says Michael Willis, joint CEO at Marmalade Game Studio.

If you’re curious to see how the new mechanics play out, you can download JUMANJI: The Curse Returns (while it’s on sale!) on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store today.

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