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Just a little update talk

If you guys have noticed lately the site has not been posting the articles like it should be.   This would be the outcome results of WordPress updating all of our plugins and themes when we needed to not be updating ALL of our WordPress themes and plugins. The result of this was having the plugin we were using for feed pulling to get updated to a point where it would no longer automatically pull the feeds.  We would then have to stay logged into the site and manually pull each feed at their required times. we tried to fix it and get it going again but in that process we broke the plugin and it would no longer pull the images and videos attached to the post it was pulling it.   Which explains why the past few  post were only text post..



Thankfully I do believe we have found a fix and we will continue to work on it and monitor it so that we can get this ship running at full speed again.  Thank you for your time and also thank you for your patience.


If you have any recommendations on either paid or free plugins that do feed pulling please let us know. The only reason we are moving away from the one that we had used for years is because it turned into a pain plugin and the price tag on it is not 200 bucks!

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