Kaspersky blocked 5.8M malware attacks ‘disguised as popular PC games’ last year

Disguising malicious software as a legitimate program is a trick as old as malware itself, and as more people find themselves staying indoors and playing games, gaming-related cyber-threats are rising. In less than a year—the past nine months—Kaspersky says it has detected and blocked over 5.8 million attacks from malware and other “unwanted software” masquerading as popular PC games.

Mobile gaming saw a sharp uptick in game-related threats too, as the pandemic began to unfold. Kaspersky, makers of one of the best antivirus for PC gaming, decided to audit malware threats targeted at PC and mobile gamers, and found that attacks disguised as the 24 most popular PC games and top 10 mobile titles “soared with the introduction of lockdowns” last year.

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