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Killing Floor 3 – Official 15th Anniversary Developer Diary Trailer

Join members of the Tripwire development team as they look back at the Killing Floor series in celebration of its 15th anniversary, how it evolved from an Unreal mod into the cooperative shooter game franchise, and get another peek at the upcoming Killing Floor 3.

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14 days ago

It will be unbelievable boring called it already

14 days ago


14 days ago

Been playing since KF1. Sure I'll love this one too 😀

14 days ago

Maybe for this next game make it optimized for once I'm tired of having to wait 29 minutes for the to even open then to lag in every menu

14 days ago

Killing floor 2 probably got the best map design/detail ever made & the gun sounds/animations/well made cosmetics stuff.

14 days ago

Spielt hier eigentlich einer Killing Floor??????

14 days ago

Please let console players have community levels

14 days ago

The background music sounds a lot like Rezz, a man can dream

14 days ago

Spielt hier jemand Killing Floor?

14 days ago

Big F's to cod I'm playing Killing Floor 3

14 days ago

Only thing that ruins killing floor for me, is the annoying slow mo’s. Completely unplayable anymore, hopefully this wont be a feature in 3.

14 days ago

Is this gonna flop like Payday 3?

14 days ago

Very underrated titles

14 days ago

"We kept some cult elements, but made the game more mainstream" is a statement

14 days ago

“Back in the day to have enough people & talent wasnt there” and still being better than most 120$ triple a games today is crazy 💀

14 days ago

Is there gonna be more to do than run in circles in this one?

14 days ago

Killing Floor 2 was my first game. I'm looking forward to this one.

14 days ago

Now with more microtransactions

14 days ago

Love KF2 where they added more bosses 🙂

14 days ago

Bricky's gonna lose it… XD

14 days ago

Hope it's available on Game Pass or PS Plus.

14 days ago

Wait wait wait. "Not polished UI" on Killing Floor 1??????????
It fit the entire dark survival Horror theme!!! Especially in times where css, l4d2's UI were all we knew.

Killing floor 1 is still to this day a really scary game to play with your friends. It fits to the same category that Black ops1 zombies did for me. Its pure nostalgia and im glad the devs can build upon it!

14 days ago

"There all dead…. its time to go shopping!:D" or "dosh, grab it while its hot lads"