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King Arthur Chronicle, a new side-scrolling 2D RPG, is now available for iOS and Android globally

Today, S&C Entertainment, developers of the Strikers series and GunBird 2, announced the official global launch of its side-scrolling RPG King Arthur Chronicle. Having been released in a few countries already, today sees the release of the game for audiences across the globe.

King Arthur Chronicle is, as mentioned, a side-scrolling RPG that features speedy and engaging combat alongside an in-depth leveling and skill system. It sports a cartoony art style sporting 2D graphics and is primarily an idle title. The story is essentially a retelling of the popular King Arthur myth, though told from the perspective of the titular protagonist as a child instead.

Featuring basic content seen in most mobile RPGs such as field battles, boss dungeons, boss towers, and material dungeons, the game appeals to a casual audience. However, on the more hardcore side of things, players who dig deeper will find content such as guilds, chat systems, PvP battles, and over 20,000 stages beyond all of the regular battles and dungeons.

After being well-received with audiences, specifically noting the well-structured content that differentiates it from other idle RPGs, S&C Entertainment decided to release the game globally so it could garner even more of an audience than it already has. With a beautifully intelligent reward system that keeps players coming back for more every day, King Arthur Chronicle is looking to be a permanent stay in any idle player’s regular rotation.

With updates planned throughout the month to celebrate the full rollout such as a free gem giveaway promotion, there’s no time like the present to jump in. If you’re interested, you can check out King Arthur Chronicle for free on Google Play and the App store now.

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