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King of Avalon adds Orlando Bloom as a powerful knight to its roster

King of Avalon is bringing a hero from two popular franchises into its medieval fantasy world. FunPlus welcomes Orlando Bloom, the Hollywood actor best known for portraying Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. For the next few months, Orlando Bloom will feature as a playable character in King of Avalon. The narrative changes and he no longer has his bow but instead wields the Nightshard Blade as he gets his own storyline and abilities.

Describing his excitement, Orlando Blood, said: “King of Avalon is an incredible world of lore and adventure with exciting characters like mine, who get to roam the lands and conquer different territories. At a time when games and movie characters are blurring the lines, it was cool to see my character, Orlando the Nightshard, come to life”.

Bloom will be immortalized in King of Avalon with an epic storyline that adds him into the lore of the medieval strategy game. He was once a respected knight that was attacked by a horde of evil creatures called the Unmelted. Orlando fought hard but was infected by the cursed ice blade in the process, turning him into a half-Unmelted-half-human state. The people of Avalon could never accept him again and he was shunned away as an outcast. He then moved to Dragonsholm City to find out how he may be recognized once again.

Thus, Orlando the Nightshard was born. His powerful weapon, the Nightshard Blade has been forced in Dragon’s blood and it is capable of dealing extra damage to all enemies based on Infantry Health. Troops under Bloom will also real extra damage to opponents in subsequent rounds. As a gift to celebrate his arrival, everyone above Lord Lv. 16 can enter the code ORLANDO2022, which is a gift code worth $10.

Explore Orlando Bloom’s story by downloading King of Avalon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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