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Knuckles Paramount Series Gets A New Promotional Poster Ahead Of Launch

Image: Paramount, Sega

The blue blur is back in the headlines this week with the Sonic 3 movie director Jeff Fowler yesterday confirming the latest movie has now wrapped. Apart from this, Paramount is also gearing up for the release of the Knuckles series, which will air on its streaming service next month.

With this mind it’s now released a new promotional poster seemingly drawing inspiration from Sonic’s original animated movie outing dating back to the ’90s. As highlighted by Nintendo Wire, Knuckles is wearing a cowboy hat in this new post, which is a direct throwback to the animation.

It’s great to see just how much love has gone into the live-action adaptation of the Sonic universe with references like this. When the Knuckles show debuts on 26th April 2024, fans can look forward to six episodes fleshing out the live-action version of the character. As for the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie, it will debut in cinemas this December.

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