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Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, the award-winning puzzler, comes to iOS

Developers Darjeeling Productions and Pixmain announced today that their famous puzzle game, Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, has found its way onto iOS devices. Based on a long-running comic series by Japanese artist Hirofumi Kamigaki and illustration studio IC4DESIGN, Labyrinth City puts players in the shoes of a detective-like character as he pursues his rival, Mr. X across a wonderfully detailed hand-drawn world.

Having been already released on PC and Nintendo Switch to overwhelmingly positive reviews, this was a much-anticipated release for mobile. With 10 detailed maze-like levels, more than 100 collectibles, and 500 interactive content pieces spread across that 10 levels, it is easy to find yourself totally lost within the beautiful world. Along the way, you’ll also interact with quirky and memorable characters you meet throughout the game.

The most striking part of this unique puzzler is absolutely the art style, being all hand-drawn and incredibly detailed. Along with a very whimsical and relaxing soundtrack, the title harkens back to classic childhood stories that are sure to strike a nostalgic chord with most players. But of course, what’s a good art style without a lovely fairy-tale style story to go along with it?

After the maze stone is stolen from Opera City, the entire location turns into a giant maze. Pierre will spend the game chasing after the thief, the vile and dastardly Mr X, as he encounters new characters and brain-teasing puzzles along the way. With such a large collection of puzzles and secrets, you can expect to find more than a few unique and oftentimes hilarious pop-culture references and funny interactive secrets.

Labyrinth City launches today on theApp Store, priced at $4.99. If a fun, playful puzzle game with an engaging story sure to keep you smiling throughout sounds like the perfect game for you, give it a shot!

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