Lara Croft modding maestro reveals he’s been missing because Saber nabbed him for the Tomb Raider ‘dream team’, assembling a crack squad ‘of crazy people’ to put together the remasters

If you’ve been wondering where OpenLara—an open-source engine reimplementation for the first five Tomb Raider games—has wandered off to, we now have an answer. Its creator Timur Gagiev got lassoed by Saber and Aspyr to lead their remasters of Tomb Raiders 1-3, lending them his expertise in gussying up Lara’s oldest adventures for the past year in what he calls a “dream project that has become the culmination of the last eight years of my life.”

In a post on Twitter, Gagiev revealed that Saber had allowed him to “assemble a dream team of true fans” to work on the remaster project, aided by “source code for [Tomb Raider’s] Mac ports” provided by Aspyr. Materials in hand, Gagiev said his crack squad were given “complete freedom,” and “set ourselves an impossible goal, which could only be approached by a small ‘Development Team’ of crazy people, ready to work 24/7 next year with an absolute vision of what and for whom we are doing.”

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