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Latest Minecraft Rumor Is Good News for PlayStation Fans


  • A PlayStation 5 version of Minecraft is reportedly coming soon, leaving Xbox users wondering about next-gen optimization.
  • The PS5 upgrade could bring 4K resolution or ray tracing support, but details are still unknown.
  • Minecraft’s major 1.21 update is on the horizon, introducing new features like Trial Chambers and skill-based weapons.



It seems that a native PlayStation 5 version of Minecraft is releasing sometime soon, after a popular Twitter account that investigates the backend of Sony’s digital store claimed as much. Minecraft‘s full release on the PS5 has long been awaited by fans, as Xbox users await a similar launch.

Despite recent Minecraft updates that improved the game on Xbox Series consoles, Xbox users still don’t have access to a fully next-gen optimized version of the popular title. Many fans are surprised and a bit confused by this, as Minecraft developer Mojang is owned by Microsoft and presumably has the means to introduce such optimizations. Now that PS5 owners seem to be receiving a significant upgrade soon, a similar Xbox release might not be far off.


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Twitter account PlaystationSize, which consistently reports accurate information from the PlayStation Store’s backend, claimed that a PS5 version of Minecraft is on the horizon, although a release date is still unknown. Additionally, Reddit user the_andshrew claimed to reveal the title IDs of the approaching release, which were apparently published on the PSN backend. PS5 users already have access to a backwards compatible PS4 version of Minecraft, but the native PS5 edition will likely come with significant upgrades. Potential improvements include 4K resolution or ray tracing support, but for now, fans simply have to wait to find out the full extent of the upgrade.

Minecraft Could Get a PS5 Upgrade Soon

In December, Minecraft‘s Xbox Series X/S version finally received 4K support. The PS5 is certainly capable of such a feat, leading some to speculate that 4K support is a shoo-in for the PS5 release; however, this is still unconfirmed. The PS5 upgrade could feature other improvements like increased draw distance and smoother gameplay.

Minecraft‘s PC version received ray tracing support back in 2020 that significantly upgraded certain aspects of the game’s visuals. Seeing that the game has still not received such an upgrade on Xbox’s newest consoles, it seems unlikely that PlayStation would receive the upgrade first, although it is possible.

As for concrete news regarding the game’s future, Minecraft‘s major 1.21 update isn’t far off, with a speculated release date in or around June. The patch is set to introduce Trial Chambers, challenging structures that reward players with valuable loot in exchange for slaying tough enemies. The update also introduces a skill-based weapon in the Mace, a redstone-focused tool in the Crafter, two new mobs in the Bogged and Breeze, and more.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game that puts players in procedurally generated worlds and offers them no guidance whatsoever in where to go or what to do, creating a sense of freedom that was unparalleled in 2011. Minecraft has gone on to become the highest-selling video game of all time.

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November 18, 2011


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