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LEGENDS OF YMIR Trailer (2023) Extended | New Games 4K UHD

Have a look at Legends of Ymir. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the in-game footage shown is impressive.

Coming to steam/PC.

LEGENDS OF YMIR Trailer (2023) Extended | New Games 4K UHD
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6 months ago

I hope release in ps4 also

6 months ago

Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно!

6 months ago

So nobody gonna say they used the night king for clickbait…fuckers.

6 months ago

might have an auto battle like TL since the developer are from mir4

6 months ago

Why did the viking looking character that mountain pass to fight the "zombies".

6 months ago

I'm going to say this is a hit-or-miss

6 months ago

lol Conan Exiles likes this video

6 months ago

In some parallel universe… this is actually somebody's reality…. think about that

6 months ago

Legends of someone who doesn't have the slightest grip on coherent writing, directing, or screenplay.

6 months ago


6 months ago

Это что ? Игра?

6 months ago

Can we stop with the schmaltzy music? You're not Halo

6 months ago

this is fake asf

6 months ago


6 months ago

We don't need thriller cinematic..its not important for us than the real game play.. Yes we like cinmatic in the game but for showing game you must give us the real thing.

6 months ago

It seriously is very bad.
Why not do it like Fortnite or Apex legends?
Faces in these games look just as amazing as the rest in these games.

6 months ago

Why do games like this still look so bad ?

6 months ago

So they just steal names from manga since they cnt come up with a better name

6 months ago

That was beautiful detail thanks. Would love to see Samurai X in that format.

6 months ago

My three favorite tings about Korean-made games, Boob sliders, jiggle physics and tight black leather pants…

6 months ago

The thumbnail made me think this was a tv series of the story of the Night King from GoT

6 months ago

It looks so cheap ?

6 months ago

gorgeous trailer. hoping this turns out to be an awesome game.

6 months ago

I didn't understand this game trailer at all. This looks more like a movie, I hate games that show cinematic vs. gameplay.

6 months ago

Missing sound effects, lack of facial expressions…
This looks like a B rate mobile game.

6 months ago

Looks good, but it doesnt make a good game!

6 months ago

And that's how jesters change reality with people who look like vicking but who have a shitty cut hipster hunder cut, I did not know that the hair clipper already existed at that time? unless he was using their axe?
or maybe ds molds?
yes, there is a real serious problem, the Nordic people had nats in their hair and barnbes, and they didn't take themselves for fashion designers!!

6 months ago

Of course… the titties have to wiggle ?

6 months ago

that's a bunch of fighting without blood – peggy 8 ?!

6 months ago

where is the in-game footage

6 months ago

Can't wait for this movie to come out!

6 months ago

The "In-Game Footage" on the bottom right side of the screen while the trailer is clearly a pre-rendered cinematic and probably not using the game engine, i have very low expectation regarding the final gameplay of the game as they have a strange definition of the meaning of "in-game footage" and seems to lack honesty in the way they communicate to their possible customers …

6 months ago

Where is the hallucigenia ?