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LEGO 2K Drive is now available on Game Pass

A LEGO racing game rolls into Microsoft’s catalog.

Microsoft revealed details about the Game Pass lineup for the first half of April yesterday, and today, a new title joins the library. Subscribers can now play console and cloud versions of:

LEGO 2K Drive joins GamePass, allowing you to build your own vehicles

This bricky racing game developed by Visual Concepts was released last year to mixed reviews. Nonetheless, LEGO 2K Drive offers a fast-paced open-world experience, which should be especially sweet for those who are into building their own vehicles from scratch. The game offers plenty of things to do, as it comes with a story mode, singular races, minigames, and co-op play (online and split screen, whichever you prefer). If you love LEGO and cars, why not give it a try?

Where to get cheap Game Pass?

Game Pass subscription is required to play LEGO 2K Drive at no additional cost, and starting one will grant you access to a vast (and ever-growing) library of titles. To learn what’s in store for active members, check out the list of ALL games that are coming to Game Pass in 2024 and beyond.

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What are your thoughts about the latest Game Pass addition? Will you be building vehicles and racing around the open world in LEGO 2K Drive? Let us know in the comments!

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