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Lethal Company Early Access Review

Lethal Company reviewed in Early Access by Gabriel Moss on PC.

There’s nothing quite like a multiplayer survival-horror game that’s as unceasingly spooky as it is hilariously chaotic – and there are few that manage to balance horror and comedy as well as Lethal Company. Even in its early access phase, this co-op loot hunt manages to transcend its limited content and missing systems, making it a good time for those willing to brave its haunted halls – especially with the volume turned up. Still, there’s no real story to speak of, and its tension is deflated a bit by an unappealing and jankily animated art style, overused dungeon templates, and an unrealized progression system that feels as cold and lifeless as the void. We can expect to see a lot of that get improved on during early access, of course.

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2 months ago

It's like Backroom

2 months ago

Why title was in Polish and now is in English?!!??!

2 months ago

IGN with the dogshit reviews as always. Also this guy clearly made a ton of assumptions. Lights attract monsters but scare away the Bracken? Neither of those things are true.

2 months ago

What? The early access game is unfinished? The early access game hasn't fully fleshed out it's story (because apparently unless a game has lotr levels of story its bad) yet? Really, you don't say?

2 months ago

The game that really got me into survival crafting games didn't really have a story at all: 7 Days to Die

2 months ago

Reviews early access game. Complains about it being unfinished.

That's the IGN we all know.

2 months ago

Im guessing this guys friends were not fun to play with

2 months ago

felt my iq just dropped listening to this guy complain about story & graphics
dude must be r3t@rded

2 months ago

IGN created the term "brutally honest"

2 months ago

Its like listening to a guy that complains about adding difficulty to a game

2 months ago

even if it got a 7, still better than the new cod

2 months ago

Reviewing an early access shows a lot of potential and attention the game is having

2 months ago

Yes lets expect a solo developer to have the game to be triple A quality in… check notes: early access. It does not need a thrilling story or graphics sometimes the simple loop is just enough to keep the game replayable for years to come. Mf would probably put Dwarf Fortress as a 7/10

2 months ago

dont listen to ign, im buying the game

2 months ago

you cant expect a game with this much already to have a story when its made by 1 freakin person

2 months ago

Should really have separate reviews for early access games

2 months ago

IGN: 7

Steam: 98℅

Steam rating > IGN 😂😂😂

2 months ago

another shitty phasmafobia ? woudlnt play this for free

2 months ago

Games DO NOT need a story to be fun.

Chess, Go, golf, football, Pacman do not have stories and are still fun.

The idea that games must have stories as a bedrock of development is false and pretentious.
Please stop perpetrating this false idea.

2 months ago

15/10 an extra 5 for constant replay ability and scary funny shits and giggles and for ign your a -90/10 for stupidity

2 months ago

lmao this reviewer got it twisted. Ain't nobody trying to play a movie.

2 months ago

It's okay for a game to not have a story. Do you think I've sunk 300 hours into Factorio for its "story"? ROFL

2 months ago

the games graphics are its design not janky and it has a story its not just shoving it in your face

2 months ago

I’m convinced this is actually a fake review.

2 months ago

7 ? Wtf is wrong with IGN ?!

2 months ago

(Loud incorrect buzzer)

2 months ago

its recieved hundred thousands of overwhelmingly positive votes on steam, so 6/10 IGN you are not relevant

2 months ago

This looks awful

2 months ago

the vibes of among us and the backrooms.

2 months ago

How did he not talk about the proximity voice chat and only the walkie talkie?

2 months ago

Don’t listen to IGN. The game is 10/10

1:11 Titan is a moon orbiting Saturn
Not Jupiter