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LifeAfter’s collaboration with Evangelion is now live for the next two weeks

Last week, NetEase Games announced that another awesome crossover would be coming to their mobile doomsday survival game LifeAfter. After a successful event featuring the popular anime series Attack on Titan, the game’s next collaboration is with Evangelion – yet another anime with undying popularity.

Up until now, players were only dealing with infected individuals, but things are about to get crazy during the LifeAfter x Evangelion period because Infected Angels have made their way to the Doomsday World. The Evangelion Test Type-01 has lost its energy and players must start its power devices to bring it back online.

The catch here is that the quest site is overflowing with zombies. The bigger problem, however, is that they’re not your run-of-the-mill zombies, but they have managed to mutate into something much more powerful, as they now possess the powers of Angels. Survivors will have to work together to kickstart the two power devices while fending off the infected if they want to succeed.

Once the Evangelion Test Type-01 is recharged, the final boss awaits. This comes in the form of a giant infected Angel who has within her the abilities of all other angels and is capable of creating an A.T. Field that requires a special weapon to disrupt. The only way to defeat it is by lowering the health to 5%, after which the Evangelion will deal the final blow.

To make the collaboration feel even more alive, over 60 different crossover items are being made available. Players can get their hands on outfits inspired by Evangelion Test Type-01, Proto Type-00, Production Model-02, Production Model-08, and many more. Even the doggies can get matching outfits.

On top of that, themed furniture items, mini Children, and Evangelion figurines will also be available. Weapons and vehicles can be stylised using collab items too. And finally, everyone will get a free NERV Spray, EVA Unit-08 crossover hoodies, and NERV Avatar Frame as a login bonus.

Players have until October 27th to complete all the crossover missions and collect their riches. Download LifeAfter now for free.

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